The End of the Puzzle

You know the good thing about having a two-year engagement? You have all the time in the world to get everything done. The bad thing? Keeping that mindset up through and within a month before. I keep thinking I have alllllllll the time in the world, and yet, when Batman reminded me that this Saturday will be three weeks until our big day, I think I experienced my first mini heart-attack.

Three weeks.

Three weeks and I’m still working on stuff. Like, legit still working on stuff. And I’m unemployed, so, like, I have the time to do it but there’s SO MUCH STUFF TO DO. But who’s panicking right? Psshh. Not me. I’m totally breezy over here with my THREE-WEEK deadline to do all the things I thought I had all the time to do them in.

At least I’m not stupid. Or crazy (in a bad way.) I’m a super pre-planner, and due to my efforts with Batman over the last two years, most of the stuff is done. It’s just the little stuff. The details. The tiny pieces of everything that all has to come together at the end—and here we are. The end of the puzzle, my friends. Or, on the precipice of it.

I blame all my erratic posting on the wedding, but I promise to keep to a better schedule once the celebratory romance mayhem is behind me. Also, even though I’m a private person, I do plan on sharing some pictures from the wedding here on the blog, so there’s proof that I did claim Batman and that I do own a pretty, white dress.

Alright, off to more wedding chores—seriously, it doesn’t stop.

Have a lovely week!

P.S. I am currently in jury duty, so please cross your fingers or eyes or sacrifice those turkeys to the moon—whatever you can do to get me out of this because having to go to trial *three weeks* before my wedding is really something I could do without.

Thanks! 😊