Savoring All the Wins

I’m not dead! Shocking, I know 😊

I don’t know what happened the last two weeks. Both Wednesdays popped up right after Friday (they felt) and my mind has been saturated elsewhere. It’s the post-pandemic, pre-election world we live in, and somehow, Batman and I are still pushing forward with our wedding. It definitely sucks, and I’ll write more on that either later or in another post, but as crappy as choosing this year to get married, my heart goes out to all the parents right now.

I’m not sure how ya’ll are doing it. Either sending your kids back or homeschooling or whatever it is you’re doing to keep your shit together—I applaud you. Seriously. I’m not sure I could do it. With the changing schedules and the split days and the kids not really getting to be kids, I’m just—I’m sad. I’m sad for them and sad for the parents who have to be in these situations. It sucks. The whole thing sucks. And I’m just sorry.

I don’t know why or how 2020 went so screwy, but I’m trying to find positives anywhere I can. I ordered something for my dress and it is GOREGOUS and that is what we call a 2020-Win. It’s a rare beast, but it does lurk, and from to time, it’s bound to pop up. Like the other day at Ross when I bought two shirts without trying them on (because, you know, all the dressing rooms are closed) and they fit AMAZINGLY when I got them home. 2020-Win. Probably wouldn’t have noticed before but I’m definitely savoring all the wins I can.

And honestly…that’s not a bad way to live.

What about you? Any 2020-Wins you’ve experienced recently? How’s pandemic, pre-election life treating you?

5 thoughts on “Savoring All the Wins

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    I’ve got another month to figure out the whole school thing for my kids. Right now, it looks like my school district is pushing for an alternate day schedule. With my husband being home right now, we can make it work. But if the community spread doesn’t get under control, we’ll be doing remote learning, and who knows how my son is going to deal with that. He can’t focus and gets squirrely (my fault, being a squirrel and his mother), and screens don’t help.

    Man, I can’t imagine the stress you’re going through with the wedding prep and everything. But yay for the wins! Gotta take all of those you can get.

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    Whoo hoo for the wins!! I hope you guys can find a way to still make your wedding awesome! A friend of mine is doing hers next month via FB live so we can all see it.
    As for us, as long as I avoid social media, it’s not much different, LOL! I was already a hermit, so being a hermit makes no change. It also helps that Iowa never went into crazy lock downs or told people what they were allowed to shop for, or the rest of it, so there’s no major horror to come back out of. Unless I get on social media, and then it’s all hysterics. People I do come across in actual real-life-in-person are all pretty down to earth and normal, so I can only assume that normal people around here aren’t getting online, either, just the ultra negative doom lovers who want to say how we are all going to die and we need security forces to force the children indoors because being outside is dangerous now (this was a real post) and we need armed guards at stores to enforce mask policies and on and on…

    • cgcoppola says:

      It’s getting crazy which is getting…scary. Like, I feel like we’re the in the beginning of a George Orwell novel. I’m getting a creepy vibe from all this, but at least you’re surrounded by people with rational thoughts and not morons like those writing about the dangers of outside.

      It’s a weird, scary time we live in, so again – gotta find those wins!

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