Haven’t Lost Steam Yet #IWSG

For the past few weeks, Batman and I have been weighing ourselves for, you know, health and fat-shaming reasons. We are both a little on the plumpy side because when you find your person, you fatten each other up so no one will want the other person (it’s a rule somewhere). Also, after years (or months in our case…) we stopped give a crap, and ate what we wanted, and our bodies agreed and expanded due to it. Anyway, we’ve been carrying around a little extra weight these past eleven years and we DO NOT want to be the fatties at our own wedding (*there’s nothing wrong with being large. I have been large my entire life. I just want to feel slim and beautiful when I get married, if only for the pictures.)

So, to keep ourselves honest and to keep from making assumptions/generous guesses to whether the scale is pointing to this line or that line, we opted for a digital device. No lying to ourselves anymore because we’ll have cold, hard numbered facts; I’m only telling you because 1) it’s an adult purchase, and adult purchases should always get a shout-out and 2) if I tell you we’re trying to lose weight, you can hold us accountable to our healthy—fat-losing—lifestyle, so when I walk down the aisle to Batman next year, I’ll feel absolutely beautiful and not like the hypo from Fantasia I envision in the mirror.

Also: I’m still a parent!

Let me clarify. First, yes, Appa is still alive. Thanks for asking. 😊 That dog lives better than most people, so—God forbid—if anything were to happen to him, the post would definitely start with that and not overdue weight loss. But yes, I’m still a plant parent, which means Artemis survived the move!

This may not be a big deal to you, but I cannot keep plants alive. At all. They’re like cars—they come to me to wither away and die. But after a little shopping at Ace Hardware, and too much money spent on her new home, Batman and I *cough* mostly Batman *cough* took Artemis from her mason jar and planted her in her fabulous new pot. I’m a little nervous with winter coming, but it is Florida and that’s not really a thing here. Plus, I can always pull her into the garage. The goal is to keep this avocado tree alive and growing, and if I can do that, then in six years I’ll finally get an avocado. She’ll start shaving a dollar or two off the grocery bill every week. At least I’ve got this huge payout coming 😊


Writing has been good. I’m still going ham on RTD because the saga is never-ending and battle-packed and as much as I love writing adventure, the battles take FOREVER because they’re more difficult to write. But it’s still going in the right direction, and I know after this next scene, the second part will be done. That leaves the third and final section which addresses the main antagonist, as well as solving all the other things that need to be solved, aka: the wrapping everything up level.

It’s been a year, but I’m still writing it. I haven’t lost steam yet, which is good since I’ve been writing this series since 2011. 2011, GUYS!

Anyway, onto the IWSG optional question:

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever googled in researching a story?

I don’t really have an answer here, mostly because I don’t research my stories. Er—that sounded bad. Let’s try again…


A lot of what I write is made up (think high-fantasy) or contemporary, which needs very little researching. Because of that, I’m very rarely online, unless it’s to check clothing styles or double-check company names. But, I will say, I did spend a very long afternoon watching videos on how to speak with an Australian accent for a character. Not really research, but voice-research. (kinda fits the question?) The accent always sounded cool when I read it in books and I thought it would be fun to have a foreign character. Turns out, it’s way more fun reading it, than writing it.  Ended up changing the character back to American.  Sorry, Walker 😊

What about you? Published or not, what have you googled for researching a story? And how are you as a plant parent? Any weight issues?

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6 thoughts on “Haven’t Lost Steam Yet #IWSG

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    I kill plants too. So many orchids have come and gone. A couple months ago, I bought a cactus with the hopes of keeping it alive. So far, so good. 🙂

    I’m on a fitness/weight-loss kick as well. I’m a bit of a nut there. I’ll break out the spreadsheets to form a menu for the week, calculate the macronutrients, determine if I’m meeting my fiber and protein goals, and then try to find the sweet spot between when I eat certain things and when I exercise. I obsess over maximizing everything, including integrating fermented food for probiotics and drinking weird things like apple cider vinegar with salt in my water. This kick’s focus is on carb-cycling on a time-restricted feeding schedule and tailoring my meals to my mesomorph body type, while mentally tallying my caloric intake to make sure I remain in a deficit.

    Like I said, I’m a nut. I might also be cracked. So my question to you: what’s your fat-loss plan?

    • cgcoppola says:

      Yes, you are nuts, but that’s what makes you awesome! God, I don’t have a plan. My work stresses me out, so I’ve stopped eating (I mean, I still eat, but like, waaaaayyyy less) and now Batman wants to get us into shape aka walking every night. I think the combined calorie loss and nightly exercise is the current plan 🙂

  2. Lidy says:

    I’ve killed plants before. And fish. Plants and flora and pets beware.

    I’m in the same boat as you. Been on the plump curvy side since I was a young girl. I’d slimmed down during my HS years and those were the best weight years of my life. After college and two kids, been steadily gaining weight and my current weight is not good at all. Taking small baby steps and small reps with my exercises and lost 4lbs so far. 😀 So power to you and Batman for wanting to get healthy and slimmer and congrats on the upcoming wedding. Here’s to your health and feeling and looking fabulous!

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