Write the Books and Find the Readers

I missed last week because I spent the majority of it re-reading Rozmarie & Josiah. 😊 I know, rude to ditch on our date, but silly me thought I was going to just submit the book to fresh.ink without even looking it over. Rookie mistake. It dawned on me somewhere a few paragraphs in that it was *probably* a good idea to look over the story, and, well, I did.

All last week. I read every day as soon as I got home, and FINALLY on Sunday, I finished the thing. Because, I didn’t just read. I re-edited it as I went, and apparently, I missed some major typos and errors first go around. Am I going to win the contest? Probably not, but that’s okay. It’s slightly more polished, and I’m not so nervous about turning in a total piece of crap to these would-be-potential readers.

Because that’s my goal: FIND THE READERS

That, and write the books. But I feel both are equally important. Write the books and find the readers. Someone want to make me a banner I can hang above my window? I only have broken Christmas lights and an awesome writing picture my mom got me last year  (thanks, ma! Still love it!). For all the curious/stalkers:

There’s a perfectly good blank space right there. I could put a big plaque: Write the Books and Find the Readers. I feel like that’s all I need in order to break free from cubicle hell to write independently. A product I turn out to customers eagerly awaiting it. Speaking of…I really need to get back to MailChimp and figure out the whole newsletter thing. Where is my team of smart people to do this for me? Urrg. I wish parts of my brain weren’t so dumb, like the kind that deals with technology and understanding things that can’t be explained to a ten-year-old.

In better, simpler, easier news, I have a driver’s-side door handle! Look at it! Look at it in all its glory and magnificent awe:

It’s been very nice these few rainy days not having to run around the car like an idiot. I can go straight to one side and only be half-soaked instead of fully-soaked. Life is good 😊 I really do need to retire Georgie at some point, but until she completely craps out on me, she’s still my girl. And with her latest upgrade, I think she’s earned herself another year or so. That, or until something else vital falls off, or she retires to her days of seizuring which, if I’m being honest, are the most exciting.

Things to do:

  • Research Mailchimp. Again. Don’t get confused and distracted and decide no one cares so it’s not even worth it. And stop playing on your phone.
  • Be more social (stalk more) and keep putting my stuff out there.
  • Probably buy another car
  • Laundry

There’s more to the list, but I’m tired, so this will have to do. Back to writing RTD and reading other people’s books. And guys, I can FINALLY say I feel like I’ve tipped past the halfway point in RTD. I think I said this a while ago, but I mean it for realizes this time. And that means good things are coming. Good things 😊

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Write the Books and Find the Readers

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Man, I’m out here trying to play catch up. I didn’t even know you were entering a contest! That’s exciting. I hope you do well!

    Yay for new handles. My husband recently got a new car. It was long overdue, with parts falling off the sides, maintenance needed, and the tires requiring replacement. Now he’s got a Subaru WRX with a turbo and is having fun.

    I wish I could provide some insight to Mailchimp. I know I’ve set mine up, but I haven’t written any newsletters whatsoever. That probably defeats the purpose of having it, doesn’t it?

  2. cgcoppola says:

    Oh, I had one set up. But I never used it so I closed it down. But I feel like it’s a *must* so…guess that’s on the to-do list. Yay for hubby getting a new car! Hope he has fun! And hope the family is doing well 🙂

  3. Joleene Naylor says:

    LOL! yeah, write the books and find the readers is it, but it’s like saying “discover the cure to cancer” sounds simple but it involves a looooooot more than the handful of words make it sound like. AKA: Don’t be so hard on yourself because you think you’re “not” doing it. You are. It’s just a very long road.
    Yay for the car handle!

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