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Not sure where to start:

I’m still in the murder desk at work, but not as much as the newest higher, which is *directly* across from the door. She actually faces it, which would give her a few second lead-time on realizing we were all about to get fucked. Unlike me, who has my back to the door and won’t see it coming. I mean, it’s called a murder desk for a reason. I’ve been assigned one of the first-wave casualties due to hire-date, but what can you do? I’ve held better real estate in other offices, but, the pay is good where I am and they bring in free donuts on Thursdays. Guess I can’t complain.

I WILL complain because I’m not eating any free donuts. ☹ Ever since Batman bent the knee and swore fealty, we’ve been trying to be better. Trying not to be so diabetes-in-the-making with our food and beverage choices. We are still so *so* bad at it, at saying no to crap and actually having will power, but we’re getting there. Progress is being made. (Maybe?) And we take a walk almost every day around our neighborhood to lose weight and tone up, but it comes with the price of gossiping neighbors and yapping ankle-biters. This is the sacrifice to look good at our wedding next year.


Which is later this year plus some months. We’re getting hitched next November, so again, PLENTY of time between now and then. I’m just glad I haven’t gotten to that panicky-crazy mindset yet, and if I plan things correctly, I shouldn’t. This is the benefit of planning a wedding almost two years out. I can go at my own pace WHILE maintaining a fulltime job AND writing the last book in my series AND not not having a nervous breakdown. Skill level? Awesome 😊

OKAY: I missed last month’s IWSG (somehow?!?) and that’s weird because I usually don’t forget that one. But I am getting old so thankfully, it’s not my good looks going first. Anyway, onto this month’s optional question:

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

Oh geez. Is it terrible that nothing immediately comes to mind?

*scratches chin for REALLY long minute*

I GUESS it would have to be the first story I ever wrote (Gag! I know) because it was like being handed the keys to this really cool club only the select few knew about. You were probably looking for a “I heard/saw someone say this thing that make this other thing happen.” I’m embarrassed I don’t have one of those, but language definitely surprised me with its power when I realized I could take it by the reigns and steer it in any direction I wanted.

So, there’s my answer 😊 And ha! I remembered to answer this month! Someone’s paying slightly more attention to her surroundings–


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P.S. Someone bought two of my books yesterday, so that was pretty cool. 😊

4 thoughts on “Wedding Stuff, Writing Stuff, and Life in General – IWSG

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Squirrel? You called?

    Yeah, resisting the urge to indulge is the freakin’ hardest part of eating better. It’s much easier to manage when the temptation isn’t within sight or easy reach. My downfall is Red Bull. I have it stocked in our fridge and it’s so easy to crack open a second one, even though I know I shouldn’t. It’s the sugar I’m addicted to, not the caffeine. When I’m out of Red Bull… well, then I can’t drink it, so I don’t. *sigh*

    Good for you starting your planning early. I didn’t do much planning for my wedding. It was a month before when I found a venue for the event. I already had the colors picked out: Wine and Champagne. Perhaps that goes to show how irreverent I was about the whole process.

    • cgcoppola says:

      I have to keep telling myself we’re not on a diet. It’s a “lifestyle change” but I can denying I want to change when I see those sprinkles. And hey – everyone has that secret thing they keep/do that’s not great for them. I think it does wonders for the spirit, so you drinks those red bulls! Just..not too too many.

      Wine and champagne sounds beautiful!

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