Welcome to Palm Coast, FL

What’s the best way to spend the weekend besides being a billionaire with a private jet and loads of cash? Give up? Well, you should because there are a lot of acceptable answers and one of them is how I spent this past weekend: family reunion 2019 baby. 😊

Look, when you live in Florida, people have an excuse to come visit you. And when you’re as cool as Batman and me, well, that’s just a bonus.

Welcome to Palm Coast, FL.

Rooming with twelve people can get terrible really quickly, so we collectively made the decision not to kill one another and enjoy the accommodations. (These are all courtesy of Batman).

Nice digs, eh?

Also, there was no itinerary! I LOVED that! We were able to hang with people over here or over there, in the beach or in the pool (ours or one of the TWO community pools) or at the beach. I simply LOVED that! Everything was so easy going and chill and Batman and I had a blast 😊 We’ll be seeing everyone again next year at our wedding (tee-hee!) so there’s just another reason to look forward to it.

What about you? How’d you spend your weekend? Do anything cool? What do you do for family reunions?

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