This Needs to be the Majority Folks

My heart hurts ☹

So many of the people I love have been going through some EPIC shit struggles right now. One right after the other right after the other, and I want to make it all go away. For all of them. But the sucky thing about being a human and not a demi-God is the inability to make loneliness, sickness, and constant fear go away. No matter how much you want it to.

(Demi-Gods, you’ve won this round!)

I don’t mean for this to be a sad post; I’m sorry. It’s just that a friend hit me with some news recently, and I didn’t expect it. I was focused on other friends’ troubles and this one landed on top of it and wow.



So many people I love are in pain. ☹

Are you feeling this too? Is there a moon shifting somewhere? Mercury colliding with Mitsubishi or something? Like WHAT is happening? (and please don’t tell me this is the end of the world. No, it isn’t. Shut up.) I hope whatever’s going on in the universe corrects itself because it’d be nice to hear someone say that something amazing happened to them. (And yes, a few of you have, but I want more of you to. Like, this needs to be the majority, folks).

So, why don’t we make a list then, huh? Tell me one AMAZING thing that’s happened to you recently. Big or small, I don’t care. Get the closest spot in the parking lot? NICE. Find twenty dollars in your back pocket? AWESOME. Someone give up their seat for you? HOLY FREAKING SHIT. Tell me. I want to know. I want to know it all. Life sucks sometimes so please help remind me why it doesn’t.

I’ll go first:

I purchased something small but meaningful for my wedding and I absolutely LOVE IT. Can’t tell ya what it is; you’ll have to wait for the pictures…some six hundred days from now (but who’s counting?). But yeah, it made me happy. Now you go. What’s something amazing that’s happened recently?

Also, because, how is he not amazing?