I’m Being a Good Writer

Batman took me to my first Bridal Expo.

I paid and there was free food and a bar so…yeah. Plus, he’s a gamer, so I spun it like we were doing recon. Because we were. Because this entire year is recon for next year so when the time comes to make the hard/expensive decisions, we know what we’re doing. 😊 (realistically: we know slightly more than nothing).

I’m a planner. You? I have to look at things months in advance. Interesting since I’m a panster when it comes to writing, but I usually spin my wheels thinking when I’m not at my keyboard. So…sort of off-duty planning, I guess. (We’ll call that backstage recon writing).

I’ve been working on Return to Dellapalania which has been coming along at a slug’s speed, but I’m constantly distracted with Pintrest and the Knot and Wedding Wire and JUST KNOWING there’s so much stuff I could be looking at. I’m excited, guys—what can I say? But I’ve decided to limit wedding-stuff to thirty minutes to an hour AFTER I’ve committed myself to around an hour of writing.

See? I’m being a good writer 😊

But what I really need to do is work on RTD, so I’m going to do that. Need to give the Patrons over at ol’ Patreon something to read on Friday. That’s right. I have little snippets from my first draft that I post to Patreon so you can sneak a peek at what first drafts look like (and how much they suck).

Hope you’re having a great week!

Happy hump day!

3 thoughts on “I’m Being a Good Writer

  1. Joleene Naylor says:

    And you should be excited!! While i really want to read RTD I’ll tell you something I have learned – don;t skip out on those once in a lifetime moments just to get writing done. Go ahead and do your planning – hopefully you will never get to plan another wedding, but you will always write another book. If it means we have to wait so you get to live in the moment, then we can all just wait! (I am also a writing panster who over plans my real life. Maybe that is why we like panster writing, because it’s like those businessmen who like to visit dominatrix?)

    • cgcoppola says:

      Haha! Yes! Over plan in life and panster in writing. It DOES make sense!

      Thanks, Joleene. You’re right. Hopefully this will be my only marriage, hence my only wedding, so I should enjoy it and focus on it. But you know how writing is…such a drug with a high addiction rate. It would truly be impossible to go cold turkey. (So I won’t) But I won’t feel so bad about wedding planning simultaneously!

  2. dolorah at Book Lover says:

    A wedding – especially your own – can be distracting. Planning ahead is good, but just remember so many things can change in a short time. You are doing great to find balance for writing and wedding distraction. Good luck with both 🙂

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