It’s This Little Town

I went to Savannah 😊

It’s this little town in Georgia. Heard of it?

If you haven’t gone, I *highly* recommend going. I’ve been three times now, and have had a blast each trip! Also, I’ve managed to do something new. Yeah, it’s one of those places. Every visit there’s a new region or street or shop to explore. The one thing I have done each trip is the ghost tour…because I mean, come on. Ghost tours! The first one I was drunk (so it doesn’t count.) The second one, Batman and I went on, and we bonded with our guide who was also way into the Walking Dead. This last time was super spooky, except our guide was like a stranger version of Andy Dick. Think about that for a second.

One of the highlights of the trip (besides spending it with two awesome ladies!) was the American Prohibition Museum. Educational with a lot of large installations and wax figures. There was also a Speak Easy inside! How cool is that?

I also did my first Escape Room. We were trapped in Alcatraz and trying to escape, but we had to find our file in the Warden’s office. I was useless. I contributed absolutely nothing other than holding the flashlight, so the other, smarter people could figure out the clues. Yes, we won (with 10 minutes to spare!) but I know I did nothing besides directing light, and I’m fine with that.

I will *totally* be doing another escape game.

Have you been to Savannah? If so, what did you like about it? If not, do you want to go?