Batman Won Christmas/Happy New Year!

I know, I know. It’s Thursday ☹

So, why the heck am I throwing you off by not posting on our usual Wednesday date? Those darn holidays snuck up on me and there was travel and work and all the other things that made me confused. But despite the confusion, it was a good holiday—how about yours?

Did you get everything you wanted? Did you get anything you wanted? Did you get hammered off the eggnog and not remember a thing? 😊

Batman told me a few weeks ago that he was winning Christmas. Naturally, I cried folly and said there would be no way he could beat me. I’ve won the past many years because I’m an awesome gift-giver and frankly, I love my title and WILL defend it. There was no way Batman was going to beat me.

No. Way.

Y’all seeing this? Are you seeing my LETTER TO HOWARTS.


There was also the small matter of my NEW Kindle Fire which he set up because I’m stupid with technology and he’s a gamer (so he knows tech stuff. Right? I don’t know. Also, I was lazy).

This, of course, was among other awesome gifts I received most of which I cannot mention because of reasons. Also, I don’t feel like typing them all out…but I am currently squeezing my golden snitch stress ball…

I have to hand it to Batman. He did pretty well this year. If I didn’t love the fact that he addressed the envelope to “the office in the back of the house” so much, he might not have won. Yeah, he got some good things too, and it was really close—if not a tie. But I’m going to give him this year. I mean, hey, it’s a win-win for me 😊 He set his own bar super high, and next year, he’ll need to defend his title. I can handle that.

Now, if I was playing with my mom? I would have ALSO LOST:

I got it. Everyone stepped up their game this year. Didn’t realize we were all playing in the major leagues at this point, but okay. Let’s do this  😊

Well, I guess this will be my last post in 2018. If I’m to keep on our current Wednesday/day after Wednesday date, we’ll be chatting in the new year. Please be safe and not stupid and if your family and friends want to be stupid, remind them we need to start 2019 with the good kind of bang 🙂

From Batman & I: Have a happy (and SAFE) New years! Talk to you in 2019!

P.S. How about your holiday? Did you win Christmas? Any plans for the New Year?