How Was Your Holiday?

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? 😊

I hope so. I only messed up one dish (I think) but who says too many marshmallows in sweet potatoes is a bad thing? (not me)

Batman and I drove south to see my family and we ended up staying in this really fancy hotel that I found on because we are third-class passengers who sneak up to first class any chance we get. Seriously, this place came with a bathrobe, impressive square footage, and a rounded window view out to the commercial lobby across and below:

Right? Like, how did they let us in? Oh, because I paid them. That’s right. I found a deal and provided legal tender. They had to let us in. 🙂

Seeing my parents/stepparents and sister was wonderful, but we were too busy eating and drinking to take pictures. So, other than the one above, it’s all pictures of Appa on my phone (like always). I wish I had more to say, but we already talked about Crimes of Grindelwald, and my release the other week. I feel like you’re pretty much caught up on my wild and crazy life over here.

What about you? How was your holiday? What’s new with you?

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