Better Than You Cover Reveal

Here’s another reason you should like, plan ahead and be smart with your business decisions: I had my heart set on yellow for the Better Than You font, but the background color that I LOVE for my first and second book does not support the bright yellow I’d had in mind for this one. Orange looked a little better…but no. No. No. No.

I went with purple, because, you know, it was kinda of the only color left (there are reasons) and even though I really, really like it—and although this in NO WAY affects anything that I had in motion—it’s not what I wanted. But, cry me a river, right? Seriously, people. Not the end of the world here, but maybe if I’d put a bit more into planning, and not made a split-second decision to publish three months apart without any sort of marketing plan in place, I wouldn’t be slightly disappointed. But again, all good. I’m announcing this cover reveal to the special few of you who 1) read this blog 2) actually care 3) stumbled upon this post: (welcome. 😊)

So, I guess without further ado, the cover of Better Than You, Book 3 in the Better Than This series:


Looks just like 1 & 2 right? Yup 😊 But, there are different words, and behind the front cover lies an entirely new adventure EIGHT YEARS AFTER THE LAST BOOK ENDS!!!

Alright, so I’ve got the book cover done. Check. I’ve got the release date announcement on my sidebar done. Check. Now I’ve got to do the thing every writer dreads: write the blurb.


There’s a rough first paragraph started….and that’s about it.

I should probably get on it so y’all know what this book is actually about…

November 16th, folks (same day as Crimes of Grindelwald releases)  😊

P.S. Oh, and Happy Halloween! What’re you being? I’m Janet Snakehole and Batman is Burt Macklin from Parks & Rec. If you haven’t seen it, do it now! Or the ghost of whatever scares you will haunt you! Muahahahaha!

2 thoughts on “Better Than You Cover Reveal

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Happy Halloween!

    I think you can pull it off, but it might require tweaking the title treatment on the other two. I’ll send you an example of what I’m thinking.

    My family is kind of themed. My daughter and I are mermaids, my son is a shark, and my sis-in-law is a pirate. My husband was never one for dressing up. I think he never got a taste for it because his mom never allowed it.

  2. C.D. Gallant-King says:

    I like the purple. But I come from the “whatever doesn’t burn the house down is fine” school of thought, so perhaps I’m not the best opinion. I’m in a similar place though, ’cause I just put out a new story and realized all the covers looked exactly the same so I was scrambling to tweak the colour to make them distinct… after I spent hours trying to remember where I put the source files. Anyway, yeah. I get your pain. Planning is good.

    Congrats on the new release! I would honestly rather read your book than watch “Magical Child Abuse Part 2, Featuring a Wife Beater that our Producers Have Been Scrambling to Defend.”

    Happy Halloween!

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