I’ll Try Again Next Time

I’m back to no bars on my sales graph again ☹

I’m bar-less ☹

You know what that means: I’ve done diddly when it comes to marketing. Less than diddly, and I’m not even sure that’s a thing. But it is for our purposes because seriously, my patient has flatlined. Not even a heartbeat since early September, and only two tiny blimps at that. I’m not surprised. I haven’t done any of the advertising earlier-this-year-me planned on doing which sucks, but it is what it is. And I’ve learned what I’ve learned. What’s that saying?

I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

Yeah, we’ll go ahead and apply that. I learned not to release books so close together, regardless of them being pretty much written (and regardless of my excitement as an author to have you read them!) because there is so, so much more that goes into a release day then just ‘releasing’ it. You have to let the whole friggin world know about it days, weeks, months in advance—and I definitely didn’t do that. At all. Not even close. Oh, well. I’ll try again next time. But what’s next time, you ask??


I’m happy to announce, that after BTY releases, I’m writing the FIFTH and FINAL book of Arizal Wars, so STOP ASKING ME, BATMAN.

To be honest, I needed a break from AZ since I started writing it in 2011. These last two years have been a nice vacation with Autumn and Alex, and I think the newness of their world has given me the rejuvenating boost I’ll need to face the final battle in AZ. Because oh yeah, shit goes down. It’s bittersweet to be finishing up my Better Than This series since I love my characters so much, but part of me is dying to get back into writing battle scenes. And prophecies. And alien races. And forbidden love and—ahh the goosebumps!

Anyway, that’s later this year. Or early next year. Not sure where I’m going with this post, but that’s a true panster at heart. Happy Wednesday 😊

2 thoughts on “I’ll Try Again Next Time

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Marketing sucks, even if you do stuff in advance. But I’m looking forward to more AZ!

    PS. I notice your release notice on your sidebar is still for BTN. You had days until release before. Something similar for BTY?

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    Awwww 🙁 There should be huge, huge sales! I am excited for the next Better Than book, and excited for the next Arizel too (you know that, though), so I have a lot of Yays! LOL!

    I normally start advertising a release a month before hand, two max because too much more than that and people will forget by the time it comes out unless you’re bombarding them constantly and then they get annoyed. I haven’t done any advertising for the Tales of the Executioners collection, so I am going to be sorry about that, but I’m so far behind it is still being edited (not even going to have time for a round of betas – I did have them all beta edited as I write each story, but I was hoping to have someone look them over when they were together.) So my sales are going to be right there, too. Boo! LOL!

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