Yes, It Was A Good Weekend

So, we made it back from Orlando alive 😊

SeaWorld on Friday and Universal Studios on Saturday was a pretty snazzy way to spend the weekend and celebrate the ol’ birthday. Even though Batman guilted me into riding the coasters with him, I had an awesome time hanging out with the penguins and visiting my *alma mater. I took a bunch of pictures and seriously thought about posting ALL OF THEM (and only them), but I’m a chatty-Kathy and like to talk. Plus, I’ve got to walk you through the days.

Let’s begin with Friday: SEAWORLD

Okay, I have to admit that this park is a little small and probably not the *top* attraction on your list of places to visit, but it does boast the tallest AND fastest rollercoaster in Orlando—something I found out after riding—and has cool shows and aquariums and—most importantly—a PENGUIN EXHIBIT!

How can this be beat, right? It cannot. But a closer runner-up to seeing the penguins was when we discovered the sealions! And then the amazingness continued once we learned we could FEED THEM TOO 😊

Seriously, SeaWorld isn’t that bad, but don’t come to Orlando just for it, k?


I was too excited to take a picture of the Universal ball because Batman and I pretty much ran to Diagon Alley. Sorry. Two Potter fans over here 😊 Most of my camera was filled up of this one section of the park, because, obviously. We’ve both been before, but it’s still fun to get swept away in all the magic!

Batman posed with many of Universal’s finest characters:

And how could I let the day end without 1) a great souvenir and 2) a great picture of us?

Are you dying? I was dying. The second I looked at it, I said, “sold!” And of course, with Batman’s love of Starwars, we had to get something that included Mark Hamil.

Yes, it was a good weekend.

How was yours? 😊

*Hufflepuff. Ten points to your house if you guessed that (100 if you KNEW that)