This Is Not a Writing Post

Surprising, I know.

Yes, there *are* some other things that occupy my day besides writing, wanting to write, thinking about writing, and Oreos. In fact, these things occupy *most* of my day because writing/eating Oreos is only something I can do in the evening, and maybe for an hour or so (sadly). So, what do I do with all my time?? Besides visiting my cubicle daily, I think these pics speak for themselves.


Yes, I like taking pictures of Appa. And rain. And yes, Batman and I go antiquing/thrift store shopping A LOT because you never know what kind of cool ass shit you’re going to find. Me, I relish in discovering a 1986 My Little Pony lunchbox for a whopping 2.50, whereas Batman is on the hunt for old-school vintage/retro videogames (believe me – he finds plenty). Sometimes we find them in thrift shops. Sometimes we find super creepy dolls.

What about you? What do you do in your free time? What are the pictures on your phone from?

*If you’re wondering about that car interior/inflatable Mario, I don’t always go into the game stops with Batman. He goes in and shops while I read posts from my writer groups. It’s a wild and crazy life we lead.

**Oh, and in the rear view mirror, the lady was driving with her door open. The. Entire. Ride.