This Friday, IWSG

Guess what I’m doing this Friday? (besides, like, crying with excitement that the weekend is here, and wishing Ari a happy birthday (happy birthday, Ari!))

Give up?

I’m making my second book, Better Than Now AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER, MOFOS!

*What?*Really?*No way!*You sure?*

Yeah. It’s pre-order time. Already. The time has come and good God does it fly. Like, wasn’t I just here babbling on about Better Than This? It feels like yesterday. May feels like yesterday. 2005 feels like yesterday and I don’t understand why I’m 32 and not 16. I digress.

AUGUST 3RD. This Friday. The Link. The legend. If you still need to read Better Than This, 1) yes, yes you do, and 2) it’s not terribly long, so you could probably catch up. Fast. Lightening fast. Just click here. For the rest of you who have read it, can we just take a moment and squeal together because GUYS I’m *so* excited for you to read this one. More banter. More guitars. More…steam. WINK. NUDGE.


All the excitement all over the place. 😊 Other than my coworker, Rob’s birthday, nothing crazy important is happening on Better Than Now’s release date: August 17th. For Better Than This, it was pretty much a national holiday: Deadpool 2 premiered. For Better Than You, it WILL be a national holiday (in my heart) because The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out. So, mark your calendar for BTN’s release and Rob’s birthday. It’s going to get crazy 😊

Has anything cool happened on your release days? Did you use it any marketing strategies? Asking for a friend.

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Also, I caught a fly in a water bottle the other day.

I think this definitively proves I’m a ninja.