I’m Going to Keep This Short

(written late Tuesday)

Thing is, I waited until the last minute (again) and today was tough. Like brutal at some points, and the last thing I want to do is talk about how crappy today was or how stupid I feel about releasing BTN only three months after BTT (lesson learned!) or how lack of sales/reviews is getting me down. It’s a whole gross sob story over here and Batman is treating us to subs, so I’m going to keep this short:

I’m working on the edits for BTN which will *hopefully* still be on track for 8/3 (Ari’s birthday!)

Oh, and we did not see Jurassic World. We saw Antman and The Wasp—and it was awesome 😊

How was your Tuesday? Today? This week? Did you see either Jurassic World or Antman and the Wasp? What’d you think?

2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Keep This Short

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Haven’t watched the movies yet, and sorry to hear you’re feeling down. I hope the subs helped cheer you up some.

    I had a week of a sick kid last week, so my Tuesday was grand because everyone was back to health…for the most part. I’m still coughing.

  2. cgcoppola says:

    Sorry to hear there was a sick kid, but glad to know everyone is *mostly* back to health! I hope your cough is fleeting and passing. Just like some of the recent anxiety I’ve been feeling.

    Here’s to a nice long vacation (hopefully coming soon!) for us! 🙂

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