It’s a scary thing when you realize you’re the CEO.

That’s right, baby. It’s me. I’M the CEO. Woop! Finally got that imaginary corner office…so…why isn’t this easier? And where the hell is my assistant? The minute—or the culmination of minutes—it took me to realize that no one was going to do this for me—write amazing books, market them, and live comfortably off my earnings—was both liberating and terrifying. (Mostly terrifying)

I try to keep my posts somewhat writing related and that was one of many epiphanies recently; I’m CEO of my own company (even if it’s just having five books on the market.) It’s me. Just me. I’ve had this thought before, but never with the oomph of the “CEO” title. Somehow, it makes it even more exciting/scary. But, as I keep shouting to myself, I got this.

As CEO, that means I’m also in charge of all marketing. Haven’t you seen me all over the place? No, you haven’t, because I barely do anything BUT I’ve put together two ads. What do you think?


Oh yeah *tugs suspenders” Drink in all that homemade goodness ($0.00 budget, remember?)

If you support me, my work, or know anyone who you think would enjoy it, I invite you to share one or both of these lovely teasers with them. It’s all about word-of-mouth, you know. I rarely pick up something because I found it and sank in on my own (Eleanor & Park) but because someone recommended it to me. 😉

Do you run your own side business or feel like the CEO of something? How do you handle it? Is it scary? Exciting? Both?

P.S. I saw Solo. Meh.

P.P.S. I stopped watching Hemlock Grove. Just couldn’t deal. I AM watching Westworld and Sunday night’s episode might be my favorite. Did you watch it? Do you know what I’m talking about? ARE WE PART OF THE SAME TRIBE? <—- (see what I did there).

7 thoughts on “CEO. OF EVERYTHING

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    I don’t see your ads…

    Hmmm, the CEO feeling. Does being a wife and mother count, because it certainly feels like I have to manage my own little company and make all the decisions if things are going to end in anything but disaster. 🙂 Hey, you’re doing a lot better in the marketing game than me, so go you! You’ve got this!

    • cgcoppola says:

      Yes, being a wife and mother DOES count!

      I’ve Got This – mantra of the year. And I’m throwing it right back at you with your draft which you WILL finish by the end of the year. Just say to yourself “I got this.”

      • Loni Townsend says:

        Ha, I totally figured out why I couldn’t see your ads. It’s because of my adblocker >_<. I think it took the fact that they were named ad and decided to filter them out from my view.

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    Happy to share – they look good! 😀 Wish I knew some contemporary groups to point you to for advertising…though you’ve been rocking it by messaging reviewers already.

    I really liked Solo! But then I had such expectations of hating it thanks to all the media articles, so that probably makes a difference. The kid playing Han doesn’t have Harrison Ford’s charisma, but then, I guess, who does? The dude playing Lando knocked it out of the park, though. He was perfect, even down to always mispronouncing Han’s name.

  3. cgcoppola says:

    Yeah…I didn’t feel that connection with the Han character. Maybe I felt it wasn’t cast right? I don’t know. Part of the way through, I turned to Batman and said “That’s Khaleesi. From GOT” and we both got excited.I think she did a good job. (I heard they’re possibly making a Bobo fett movie)

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