May the Link Be With You


It’s here! I pressed buttons and did things and now you can PRE-ORDER Better Than This and be able to read it in TWO WEEKS. BBBBAAAAHHHH things are happening.

TWO WEEKS and the content becomes available on your kindle or tablet or phone device (whatever you use to entertain yourself) and all you have to do is press this lovely link that takes you to my lovely page that allows you to PRE-ORDER because I remembered to do that this time. That’s right. Someone’s thinking a couple of days—er, weeks—ahead her official release date. 😉

Wow. I’m excited for me. That sounds strange but now, instead of just talking about this thing I’m going to put online for strangers to read, I can actually point to it. I can be all: ‘You-hoo! I beg your pardon—but have you checked this lovely link that will take you to something I crafted from my own brain? Here let me show you instead of just telling people: ‘Yo. I wrote book. It’ll be on the internet at some point at some place.’

It’s all about the link. And now, I have one. And this may be the billionth one I’m giving you, but it works in my favor because the more chances you have to accidently click on it, the more likely you are to end up looking at the book and possibly—possibly—buying. So, my apologies if random words become links because I’m totally meaning to do this.

Okay, I’ll stop.


No, now. For total realizies. I’m just highly energized on my very special code that means you can read Autumn and Alex’s story in TWO weeks. It’s a big deal because I’m excited to share their friendship/angsty-ness/excitement/tears/all of it with you and draw you in so I don’t have to be alone in it anymore. It’s really, more so, a call for help. I’ve gone through the rings with these guys; I need some empathy so jump on in and tell me it’s going to be okay (even though I wrote the ending and I’m the only one who knows what happens. MUAHAHAHAHA)

Tttthhhhaaaatttt should do it. Oh, here’s one more link in case you missed the ones above.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your day/weekend/ Infinity Wars (I hear it’s good—seeing it tonight) and, of course, may the 4th be with you 😊