we’re not all lost, IWSG

I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a while and actually answer the monthly question for IWSG. Shocking, I know:

When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

Force myself.

There’s really no magic recipe other than that. I write to escape anyway, so it’s never been much of a problem to dig down to do it. The hard part comes when I need a break from writing and that’s when I take a day or two off and then force myself back into it.

Wow. That was easier to answer than I thought.

Let’s see…what else is going on in my life? Still unemployed (and rapidly running out of money), so there’s that. Oh! I did get something pretty cool recently 😊. There’s this place called 2nd And Charles that sells books and video games and movies and toys, and basically all the things that Batman and I love and have based our relationship around. Since he collects retro video games, he ended up selling a bunch back this past weekend and got a ridiculous amount of store credit. Because he’s amazing and (I guess) in love with me or something, he told me to pick out whatever I wanted in the store—his treat. So, say hello to this beautiful baby:

“Not all those who wander are lost”

It’s one of my favorite sayings since I constantly accuse myself of being lost since I don’t have a “career” and therefore, am a piece of shit. Then I remember, oh yeah, I’m not meant to have a typical “career” and just because I don’t doesn’t mean I’m screwing up. Maybe I’m a job nomad who needs these life experiences to write about. Or something. Either way, thanks, Tolkien for reminding me that everyone’s life is different and that’s more than okay. It’s necessary. 😉

Also, I collect journals because I’m journal freak. But again, who of us readers/writers isn’t?

How’s your day going? What do you do when the rain is pouring or you (like me) get down on yourself?

Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a monthly blog hop for writers at all levels to share their fears and insecurities in a safe and encouraging place. Please drop by and say hi to Alex Cavanaugh who started this nifty concept in bringing us all together.

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13 thoughts on “we’re not all lost, IWSG

  1. janmorrison12 says:

    When I’m down I write. When I’m up I revise. Maybe. Sounds like bullshit to me and I wrote it. That would be optimal though. I wrote during the shank of the winter and now I’m revising. The days are longer, the snow is melting. Yay!

    • cgcoppola says:

      We’re tribe-sisters then! I’m surrounded by nurses and teachers and basically everyone who has a typical career/figured out and it just reminds me I don’t. But I don’t think I’m meant to – and maybe neither are you! We shouldn’t compare ourselves though because we all have different gifts to bring to the table, and some are more difficult to define. 🙂

    • cgcoppola says:

      Oh man, the store is AWESOME. I think the first time I was in there, I probably wondered around for almost two hours.

      Yeah, I have to constantly remind myself not to compare my career to others. It just sucks when you look around and *everyone* is rocking it and you’re like, wtf am I doing? BUT I will try harder!

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    Hmmm. When I’m down I either write something packed full of negative emotions to flush them out, or I draw. Drawing actually works better for me, but I’m sometimes too lazy to drag everything out, especially when I’m already on my laptop. As far as being down on yourself…I do that anytime I look at book sales, or see someone else’s amazing book sales, or see their “I’m a best seller” screen caps, yadda, yadda, yadda. Though writing freebies this year instead of worrying about selling novels has helped a lot because there’s nothing to check it against. No one is running around bragging about their free downloads, so nothing to compare it too. Not that I’ve even checked any of the numbers since I started my year of short stories last summer. It feels great not to worry about numbers, and instead just worry about writing something I (and hopefully the readers) will enjoy. I’m starting on a novel later this year (Micah’s) but hopefully I can keep not looking at numbers and ignoring all the “in order to be a legitimate author you must..” bullsh** that robs any joy out of the process.

    • cgcoppola says:

      Girl, it depresses the HELL out of me when I see other people’s “I sold over 100 blah blah blah”. I’m happy for them – I am – but it reminds me that I’m NOT doing the same. That’s why I try not to look at it. I’m like you – I just want to focus on the writing and be done with it. If only that could magically equate to paying the bills. *one day*

  3. Olga Godim says:

    I had a career. I was a computer programmer for over 20 years before I discovered writing. Now I’m unemployed (or self-employed, take your pick) writer and loving it despite the limited (very) money. It’s all in the priorities.

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