Who did it? I did it! Who did it? I did it!

***happy dance***

Obviously, the terror of messing this up and failing miserably is still a constant in the background, but I’ve hushed that stupid voice because she’s annoying and brings nothing positive to the table. Besides, she never thought I’d make it and look where I am—on Patreon. Being an artist with (possibly/hopefully) patrons to support my creative endeavors and stuff. Woop!

So, here’s what’s going to happen: I’m still going to run this blog but some of the more in-depth things or behind-the-scene things that I probably wouldn’t have put on here anyway, I’m going to be posting over there. It’s part of the “reward” of being a patron. It’s going to be cool because this space will be dedicated to general things about my life and writing whereas Patreon will be specifically dedicated to a more in-depth look at what I’m doing (book releasing-wise) with marketing, first drafts, extra POV scenes, Q &A and more. So, here, you’ll be chilling with cool Caitlin and there you’ll be chilling with crazy-artist Caitlin. (Believe me – they are different.)

Enough of the happy dancing and talking about it: please head over to my page and consider signing up for a reward. 😊 Remember, I’m not winking at you in the video (or am I?). It’s just that my eye lid flutters a lot.

Thanks for all the support! You guys rock!!

9 thoughts on “I’M ON PATREON

    • cgcoppola says:

      Hey! It’s in the last paragraph. There’s a link on the word “page”.

      Patreon has this button that says “Become a Patreon” and I spent like twenty minutes last night trying to figure out how to get the widget to work and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. 🙁 Would make more sense with a button but at least I have a link. (Please let me know if it doesn’t work because I was also having issues with that too.)

  1. oldmanrambleson says:

    Wish you success. I did the same yesterday getting my novel The Red Lands out there. Patreon is good for Writers and Creators in gathering supporters. Good job taking that first step.

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