Getting there, baby

I’m doing it.

I’m making a Patreon page. You’ll probably see the official I’VE MADE A PATREON post later this week when I’ve actually pushed the launch button, so, be on the lookout for that. 😉 Or not. There’s really no way for me to know. But I DID spend the better part of yesterday playing with my webcam to make my welcome video and whoa—are my eyes expressive. I never realized that I blink so much. I always knew I had a slight twitch so please, if you do head over to my page and watch the video, just know I’m not winking at you. It’s just my weird DNA mixed with anxiety and walla!—you have my oddball facial expressions.

I’ve been busy lately. And a good busy, I guess. I’m kind of looking for jobs, but I’m spending the majority of my time planning to promote Better Than This. For all/any of you creative types out there, I’m using Picmonkey which allows me to custom-make my own teasers/advertisements and whatnots. I *super* suggest checking it out even if you’re looking to host a party because they have templates for Facebook events and different things like that. But for all my authors (and I guess anyone with their own business), I snazzied up my fb author page by checking out this article. It lists marketing tools for people who hate marketing and I found it extremely useful, especially the part where I borrowed a template to make my shiny new cover photo for my author page. (Because I’m dumb, it took me a moment to realize the template was in a powerpoint and I ended up figuring out what/how my Google drive worked. So, lots of learning things.)

I’m dying to show you some of the teasers and advertising pieces I’ve put together, but I’m saving them for my Patreon page because, as promised, all new content will appear there first. But I DID post the below fake concert adds on my fb page with a poll to find out which you like better. Feel free to leave a comment here or cast your vote there. I’m honestly torn and could use some opinions and who’s better than yours? 😉

We’ll call this # 1

… and #2

Let’s see… what else…. oh! I did go to a wedding last Friday which was awesome. Because I forgot my phone in the car, I snagged some of Batman’s pics:

Real pretty, right? And the food was good too!

How’s life been treating you? Any advice on marketing/advertising? Which fake concert ad do you like better?

5 thoughts on “Getting there, baby

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Really pretty pictures!

    So, I will admit, it took me a while to figure out what the words were on the left side of the teasers. I tried to read them like a sentence, which then made no sense. I also then wondered what an A.M.S. was if Alex Wolf was playing every single one of them (as in, A.M.S was part of the sentence following the word single). I think some repositioning could fix it, though. I like the handwriting font of the first one, myself.

  2. Mason T. Matchak says:

    That’s a huge step, and you’re brave as hell for making it. ^_^ Hope it all works out well for you. And I agree that the band name on the first one looks better in that font.

    • cgcoppola says:

      MASON!! There you are!! I hope you’re doing well, sir!! Thanks for dropping in – I hope I’m not pressuring you, but I WILL be dropping by your blog from time to time to see if… maybe… you might’ve posted something (again, no pressure).

      And thanks for the input above 🙂

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