Seriously Last Week: What the Hell?

Last week was shitty.

I think it’s safe to assume everyone agrees. My one CT friend lost power and had down wires across her yard leaving her, her hubby, and their three little ones stranded in the dark cold. Then, my poor sister had a biopsy two days after her birthday. What a way to celebrate—am I right?

ME. After getting my car back from the shop, I broke down with a flat tire a little over a mile from my house and walked back with a GIANT stack of toilet paper and the McDondalds I treated myself to because I accepted a job. (Don’t get too excited.) Once I got home all sweaty from my MILE WALK, I proceeded to have an argumentative conversation with someone from the church about where I’d left my car and how I needed to move it. Batman was trying to get to me since I’m apparently not a modern woman and don’t know how to change a tire (I know, I know. Believe me, I KNOW) but had I moved the car, I would’ve damaged the rim and who’s got money for both? (Not me). But parents were coming to pick their kids up from the church after-school program and I was told I’d have “200 screaming parents” since I broke down at the wrong place at the wrong time. My apologies. The next time I have a terrifying and horrible experience, I’ll be sure to accommodate everyone else first.

*Please* ignore the immense amount of dirt and grime. Still haven’t taken it to the carwash.


Yeah. I thought I’d hit something. Or some Direwolf had rammed into me. But it was a four-inch nail I’d run over that absolutely shredded my tire. We got the car moved and everything was fine (although I never saw these “200 screaming parents” and I only got two bites into my Quarter Pounder. So, super emotional and starving) ☹

The job. I’m not sure how to explain exactly what happened since this has never happened to me. I accepted a job at a fabulous, positive-energy place that just… wasn’t a good fit. Ever go through something that seems like it should be perfect, but it isn’t, and you just can’t place your finger on why not? That’s what this job was for me. It was great—but for someone else. I felt like I was a square peg being shoved into a circle that I wanted to fit in—that I hoped I could—but knew I wouldn’t. I left Thursday feeling so on the fence about the whole thing and even became a little nauseated over it (course, I blamed it on the Blueberry Pancake Captain Crunch at the time) but come Friday it just hit me. NOPE. Not for me. Two days in and I’m back to being unemployed.

I’m not sure what it was about last week but I’m *really* happy it’s over. I am praying—PRAYING—this upcoming week will be better. At least I’m back to having tons of creative time while I look for something else.

What about you? How was your last week? Any good news?


7 thoughts on “Seriously Last Week: What the Hell?

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Egads! That sounds rough. I hope things look up.

    My car doesn’t have a spare–there’s no place for it in or attached to the car–so I would’ve been stuck waiting on others too. I’ve got a spray can of the insta-flat-fix, though I doubt it’d help any when a tire is shredded like yours is.

    Sorry to hear the job wasn’t a good fit, but good thing you realized it early!

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