What Am I Doing, IWSG?

I started writing the third book.

Recap: I haven’t published the first one yet. Better Than This, the first book in my series (no name for the series yet—that’s how early I am in the process) is out to BETA readers for them to give me a thumbs-up *hopefully* or a thumbs sideways with suggestions. Either way, the MS is out to like, three people, one of whom I know has read it. That’s it. So, what the hell am I doing writing the third one?

It started with me (kind of) cleaning the house and imagining—like I sometimes do—this very special, very oh-my-God moment in the third installment. I play it over in my head because it’s just so powerful and goose-bumpy that I decided to go ahead and write it. Just to get it down. Then that turned into what led up to it and what happened after and I’m already thirty pages in. And I am NOT STOPPING.

Which is great, I know. Woo-hoo and all that, but I’m already writing the third one. The THIRD ONE. I was in the middle of editing the second when this magical bout of inspiration knocked me over the head with the final story for the series. So: I’m writing the third now in the middle of editing the second while I should be promoting and releasing my first.

*Pulls hair*

But I got this. I don’t know how, but I got this. Somehow, it’ll all come together. With that said, onto the February optional question!

What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

Probably the fact that I read all kinds of romances and romances (typically) end in a Happily Ever After (HEA). I like that. Sometimes the world is so filled with shitiness that it’s nice to read a story that makes you feel good. Like, really good. Friendships are great for that, but I always find romances to hit that special spot. Or, maybe I’m still a little girl and believe in HEAs? I mean, I did find Batman. So, why doubt it?

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