Surprise Sunday Post

The fun thing about fucking with people is fucking with people. So, it’s kind of all encompassing. Take me, for example. At the New Year’s Eve Party that Batman and I attended, we planted this terribly ugly Christmas decoration that was given to my mom and then passed along to us. I’d like to think that we’re second in the long line of people to “push it forward.” Kind of like “pay it forward” but with less good intentions and more laughs. The object in question is a DIY project kind of gone wrong… it’s an upside- down wine glass with a tiny Christmas tree and fake snow. It’s amazing fugly and I’m so excited to release it back into the wild. I left it in the bathroom along with all the nice, normal decorations.

Perfectly planted right behind the Santa.

I can’t wait to hear about how weird it was that this “random” thing showed up and what they’re going to do with it. Seriously. Can’t wait. This is super non-writing related, but it made me laugh and I wanted to share my excitement.

UPDATE: Batman returned to the scene of the crime and just sent me this:

Still there and no idea it was us. 🙂