Don’t Stop Believing

I actually had something really cool happen recently 😊

So, the series I’m known for *cough the only one I’ve written cough* (and displayed here on the right panel for your viewing pleasure) is my Sci-fi Romance thing that I haven’t touched in—eh—maybe a year. The fourth book was published in 2016 and I still haven’t written a word of the fifth and final one (sorry Batman, Jolene, and now Shelby). I’m telling you all of this because I’ve been so wrapped up with BTT that I kind of forget about pushing the series, so when a mutual friend discovered that yours truly pens fiction, she bought them—and has been texting about them non stop 😉

I know that sounds like, who cares, right? GUYS. When someone is consistently gushing over something YOU did, asking questions, making predictions and overall pulsing with excitement, it’s great. It’s like, validating. Like, maybe I don’t totally suck at this writing thing. Maybe. (Probably still do, but it’s nice to have someone disagree.)

Second cool thing? That sad, sad little 0 units sold record I had going was SHATTERED with 4 sold units. Yeah. Four! All to the same person, but still. Someone is PAYING to read my stuff. IS there anything cooler than that? (The answer is no, by the way. No, nothing is cooler.)


Seriously. I’ve been so caught up in loving/hating BTT and wondering at what point do I stop torturing myself with the same few paragraphs and finally shove it into someone else’s hands that I’ve completely put my main project, Arizal Wars, on the back-burner (for like, a long time now. Probably too long).

I started writing it in 2011 and needed a break around 2015, when I wrote Rozmarie & Josiah. I had one (semi) fan ask about the fourth book and I got right back to it. After that, it’s been all BTT, developing this series since I couldn’t stop writing it, but I need to get back to my first one—my baby—and finish the fifth and final book.

If someone could just give me endless time or the winning lottery ticket, I promise only to use it on provisions so I can keep surviving long enough to do all the creative projects I want. Okay? Please? Genies and fairy godmothers are also welcome. Nothing shady, people.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believing

  1. Joleene Naylor says:

    What??? Not a word of book 5???? 😮 😮 Cruelness! Here I am, in withdraw and, and.. and I suppose I can let it go this time, but next time… :p

    So glad Shelley has joined the fold (I don’t know who she is, but that’s okay. I feel like I should now. Like I should message her and be like “Okay, so here is what I think…” And “Isn’t Reid ***ing hot??” and… LOL!

  2. Loni Townsend says:

    Woot! It’s great to hear you picked up another fan, because your stories are awesomesauce and you deserve to hear it. <3

  3. Mason T. Matchak says:

    That is very cool. ^_^ I’ve been lucky enough to have some beta readers give me such positive feedback, so I know a little of that myself. Never gets old, and it’s hard to say if anything feels better.

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