October’s the new January

My New Years resolution was to post once a week. You probably don’t remember that because I probably didn’t post that. I think I thought about making it a resolution and then thought, nah. I’m pretty sure I won’t keep to it. Just like I won’t keep to that stupid not-eating-Oreos thing. But it’s October and I think I’ll give the one-post-a-week thing a try. I mean, why not at this point? I only have two and half months left to keep it up. After that, it’s new resolutions and I can try again for twelve straight months next year.

So, let’s see if I can do this. I’m interested in the result just as much as you. Because I also said I’d be doing a lot more vlogging and look at all the vlogs I’ve posted. Don’t see them? Because they’re not there. Because I haven’t posted a single one. Look at them. Sitting there. All in-existent like.

Yeah.  That’s more of me saying I’m going to do something and then just kind of not doing it. But I want to try for the next two and half months. One post per week. I can do this. I can write about writing or the  things that happen in my life, like my adventures with breeding Appa. Which may or may not happen, but hopefully does, because that’s some pure German Shorthair Pointer ammo doing nothing. Not being utilized. He could use the release and I could use the money (seriously, Sire fees are like in the couple hundreds. COUPLE HUNDREDS. As in, $500 for Appa-juice? Hell Yeah.) So maybe I’ll talk about that, keep you updated.

I’m just trying to push myself because I definitely give myself enough slack. Like, all the time. Like, oh…I swept the floor-ish. I deserve ice cream. And then I get ice cream. And then I eat and realize I didn’t sweep the floor; I just moved the dust and bits of Appa’s mutilated toys out of the way where I can’t see them. You know, adulting.

Not sure what else to say so here are some recent pics from my life. Make of them what you will:

I probably should’ve put them in order, but we’re past that at this point. What’s been going on with you? Are you too easy on yourself? And have you kept up with your resolutions?

10 thoughts on “October’s the new January

  1. Mason T. Matchak says:

    I am never, ever easy on myself. >_< It's something I'm constantly working on. But I wish you luck with the weekly updates; I started making it a point to do that myself a few years ago and it's mostly worked out. I've found it helps to write down blog topics when you think of them, even if it's just a phrase or sentence or whatever, so you can have something ready when you sit down to write the actual entry.

    • cgcoppola says:

      See, I used to do that. Jot down ideas. But when I flushed them out, I thought they were dumb and didn’t think anyone would read. But I was half writing to please back then. I’ll just be writing for me now.

      So *fingers crossed*

  2. Kathy says:

    Well, I sure do know about good intentions leading to… nothing much accomplished. That is a fight that I continue to wage in my life. You can do this, though. One post a week. Length is no object. You could just write a couple of sentences and then drop in some photo’s of your dog or your yard or some freshly folded laundry. That would count!

    I’m rooting for you. Turn blogging into a reward. Replace the ice cream with being able to dump your mental musings onto the internet for mass consumption. I’ll be watching and cheering you on. Good luck, and thank you for sharing. You got this!

    • cgcoppola says:

      Oh my God, you’re so sweet! What an incredibly inspiring comment. Now I HAVE to keep to it. Thanks a lot, Kathy 😉

      (no for real though, loved this post)

  3. Loni Townsend says:

    I am way too easy on myself as well, but then again I’ve never considered blogging a responsibility. It was always something I did because I like brain-dumping where other people can read it. Actually, I just like talking about myself, both online and in person. I’ve recently been trying to break myself of the habit of hijacking conversations by relating my own experiences.

    And look! This entire comment was me talking about me. Anyways, I look forward to peeking in on you weekly! 🙂

  4. C.D. Gallant-King says:

    I didn’t make any real resolutions this year, and thank god I didn’t because I would never have followed through with them. But not even making then certainly means I can’t judge someone who at least tried…

    I’ve been sick for a week, including a wonderful fever. Kids bring home all the most amazing germs from school and daycare.

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