Hurricanes and Vacations and comics! IWSG

Here I am again, waiting until the last second. In my defense, I tried writing this last night, but I wanted to scan in this thing I was working on that I PROMISED myself I would put on my blog, and instead, spent half an hour trying to figure out how to scan things to my computer. Yeah. I even had Batman stop playing Cuphead—his long-awaited 1930s animated video game—to come help.


The reason I wanted the scanner to work is because of my first Morty & Co. comic!I made a promise to myself (& Ari!) to put it up on the next IWSG post and, like the smarty I am, I waited until TWO nights before to get the images onto my computer. And now it won’t. So…

…I went cavewoman and took pictures! Yay for going vintage!

Here’s how some of my September went  (left to right, you’ll have to click to enlarge. Or skip over. That’s completely cool too):

Just starting off in this comic thing but I’m having fun. And maybe that art degree won’t be for nothing 😉

So, yeah. Hurricanes right? The BF and I did go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom for my birthday, and that was loads of fun. I even got a picture with Flick!

It was definitely the vacation we needed at that moment, so the month wasn’t totally crazy.

ALSO: I got a lot of writing done.

Like a HUGE amount.

Like… maybe…I’m almost finished writing book 2… (Just a recap—no one has read book 1. Like no one. Like, not even my mom. Or Batman. I haven’t read it to Appa, even. Only me and this computer and the ghost I’m pretty sure haunts my office has seen it.) But it’s crazy because it’s helping me look at book 1 a little closer (some of you guys mentioned that in the comments) and I’m loving that I’m re-examining the story based on what I know is going to happen in the future. Plus, I’ve been having a lot of fun writing it.

So. Yeah. Hurricanes and Disney birthdays and book 2 writing. September was quite the month. I’ll go ahead and answer the optional question because I like answering questions.

Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose?

Are we not supposed to? No, for real. I do this all the time. An old street I lived on or four digits of a friend’s phone number. Absolutely. But nothing too important. Trait wise… that’s a completely different conversation. 😉

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  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Ha! Cute comic.

    That’s awesome that you got tons and tons of writing done! Is there going to be a book 3 too?

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