IWSG – Book 2 Already?

August was interesting.

A lot of parts were sad and some were scary. But I got to watch my grandpuppy for the month and that made things a little better. (Except her gas. That made things terrible again). It was great having River over the house because she distracted Appa every time I sat down to write. And I did. A lot. Like, I started writing the second book in my series which I KNOW is a HUGE NO-NO because not a single person has read the first. A lot could change in the first…which would affect the second. I know.


It’s all just coming to me. Like, chapter after chapter after chapter. It’s like being in Panster Paradise over here. Again, everything I’m writing could change… or I could be learning stuff about my first book by writing what comes after. I don’t know. But I’m not going to stop just because it’s not what I ‘should be doing next.’ It feels right. I trust my instincts and I trust my gut and I trust myself. I’m going to keep writing until the story stops flowing, at which point I might cry. And pray to the Heaven’s to open back up the flood gate of vision. In the meantime, I’ll be asking for beta readers on Better Than This in another week or two. I’m super paranoid with this stuff so I have to spot-read it again, (hence the two weeks).

So, with all that juicy gossip spilled: onto the optional question!

Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in?


I’ve been surprised by what I’ve written. There were some things I never thought I’d write. Like, ever. Things like sex or nightmares or death. These were things I didn’t think I wanted to write about, or could write well. But I did. I wrote each scene because I had to, because it was necessary to the story and when that’s the case, you realize you are capable of writing anything your characters demand. It’s a strange awakening.

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10 thoughts on “IWSG – Book 2 Already?

  1. C.D. Gallant-King says:

    Hey, don’t be hard on yourself for writing anything, ever! So what if you’re “getting ahead of yourself.” That book will need to be written some day. Or maybe parts of it will end up in the current book. Or maybe it will be a completely different book altogether. Or maybe you’ll decide it’s crap and un-usable, but you had to get them out to know that. Whatever the case, those words will serve some purpose, and can’t serve that purpose until you get them down.

  2. Loni Townsend says:

    Dog gas is the worst! 🙂

    I’m all about jumping around with my writing. At least you’re actually accomplishing stuff, though! That’s a plus!

  3. Joleene Naylor says:

    I had the first four books written before I started rewrites on my series. by the end book 4 was barely the same, but ti did help to know all the things I needed to include (and of course by then I *knew* some of what was coming in book five,so could weave that in as well.) So do it however works best for you. There is No “supposed to”.

  4. Donna L Hole says:

    I kinda wrote my first novel from end to start. Then separated it into two books and expanded the stories. Then I started on the third book, and had learned so much about my characters that I had to go back to the first book (after finishing the third) revise/edit the story more.

    Which is how I learned that “outlining” for me shows up in the form of a completed first draft. I don’t believe a story (especially a series) reveals itself in a set sequence.

    Well, not to me anyways.

  5. Iphis of Scyros says:

    I know the feling on keeping going with a series before rewriting any if it; I wrote a series of 7 books (sorta YA/MG) that not only still haven’t been rewritten, but still no one’s seen. But I was so glad I did, because in writing book six, I realized that the Trojan War (which ended about 20 years before the book) had something completely different at its root than usual, making everything I had written about Helen in the earlier books wrong. But it was such a cool new twist that I HAD to use it, y’know? Because I hadn’t done anything else with the books yet, it felt okay to make that change.

  6. Kathy says:

    A lot of what you wrote in this post resonated with me. It’s such a great feeling when the ideas flow. The door to the imagination has swung wide open and what lives on the other side barrels through with enthusiasm. You’ve got the make the most of those moments, because the door inevitably swings shut again, and that really is the moment when I feel like crying. I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying the writing process. May that continue for you. 🙂

  7. Mason T. Matchak says:

    I’m very happy that things are going so well for you and that your story is flowing. I’m also very jealous. 😛 But I think you’re doing it right – when it feels right to write, then do so, no matter what anyone else says about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Just go.

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