Welcome back for Day 2 of Fall Fantasy Conclave and our featured author, Chrishaun Keller-Hanna. Yesterday you got to learn a little about our Indie friend, but today, you get to read some of her stuff! Excited yet? You should be.

First, we’ll sneak a peek inside Tales of Allazar: Black, Gold & Sage:

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The moss finally detached itself from the tree on Josi’s shoulder in a high screech. Josi reached up her arm then stretched it out until her palm was on the tree. There was no more sound from the moss. She pulled her hand from the tree. The moss fell in two pieces at Sage’s feet.

The dead moss didn’t bother Sage. The cold and efficient movement, developed through years of training and fieldwork was what gave Sage pause. It reminded her that she was in the presence of the former members of the Culling—named in part because they came from the culling of the child population, named in part because they were expendable. Culling because they were no longer Praina, but instead just tools.

Sage wondered, as Josi took her first steps into the brush, if she had that same cold look on humans and humaniforms—then snapped out of it. The crunch under Josi’s feet seemed to echo through the air.

“A Silent Step spell would make this simple,” Josi gritted her teeth but didn’t look back. “How could they see us when everything around us is using magiera? “

One of the hunters yelled into the forest.

“Come out my doves!” Shots echoed through the woods.

“We won’t hurt you! Those shots are not for you—we promised the House of Praina we would return you alive.”

The daffodils went a little brighter and waved their beams toward the racket, exposing a female figure. She turned toward the light, and the runners froze against one fir, just outside the illuminated circle. The eyes of the figure glowed and she lifted a glowing palm. A blast of magiera went from her palm to the flowers at Sage’s feet.

Sage could feel the young boy trembling. The moss flinched as well.

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Next, we’re looking into Allazar’s the Coursers: Daughter of the Flood:

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Magiera is the universal measure of power in Allazar. There’s nothing worth doing that you can’t do without it. What kind and the amount you have determines everything from House you’re a member of to what type of job you have.

If you’re powerful and have it to spare, you siphon off a bit here and there for future use. Part of that the Legate Power Authority takes to power the House’s comms and our lights. They ration how much we can use and what we can have in our homes in exchange, so a tower going down is a problem. Lights out can mean you’re out of work and out of magiera.

The thing is that the magiera that’s siphoned off can only be absorbed by folks of the same house. So that 5000 milliliters of Praina’s finest was useless to me as power, but Mel…

She slashed the perentie with a whip made up of golden light, cutting through the lizard’s thick skin. It swung backward and swept Mel’s feet. She hopped over it as if she was dancing and swung another whip. It hopped back and spit a green liquid at her chest. She threw up a mag-shield just in time, but the lizard launched forward and plowed right into her.

I grabbed the MilamUp, slammed it and somehow managed to get more in my mouth than on my face and chest and fished out the card from my jacket. I placed the card in my mouth and crunched down. The Deveron magiera on the card pulsed through my body, and all that gold mageira shot out of my mouth, hovering. Mageria can sense when a body is draining and jumped straight to Mel.

Her body glowed and she shot out the magiera from her mouth, cutting a hole through the lizard.

We both sat there a moment in water, perentie puke and blood soup with a touch of MilamUp.

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A BIG thanks to Chrishaun Keller-Hanna for stopping by and sharing some of her work!!

Tomorrow and Wednesday, help me welcome JL Hendricks as the second featured author for Fall Fantasy Conclave!

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