March: Escape from Harrizel

In the countdown to the June release of Crusade Across Worlds, I’ll be dedicating each book to the three preceding months—March, April and May—each offering up excerpts from their corresponding novel, as well as new scenes told from different POVS. We’ll take a peek at some early doodles from the plotting stage and I might even throw up a poll or two. So if you’re dying to suggest a song for the movie trailer, or you think you know the best actor to play a character, here’s your chance.

The first stop is where it all starts, in an unfamiliar living room…


A long, silent minute passes before the wait becomes unbearable. “I’m sorry,” I lean forward as my stomach roars. It might be rude to be so direct but with a migraine forming, I’m in no mood for evasiveness. “Can you tell me what’s going on?”

 “Yes…” he starts, clearing his throat, “but first, introductions are in order, don’t you think? My name is Clarence.” He waits and as if anticipating my struggle to respond, offers to help. “And you’re Fallon.”

Fallon. There it is again. My name. Or what should be my name. Something rings in my core so I try it on, testing it out. Fallon. Fallon. “No,” I shake my head defiantly, “you have me mistaken for someone else.”

 “For whom?” he glances around the stark room.

“But that’s not my name.”

 “Then what is?” Clarence asks, resting his chin in the fleshy groove between his pointer and thumb. A pompous grin sneaks across his lips in a challenging manner. I’m not one to falter under a haughty threat but when I go to respond, nothing comes to mind. I don’t know what my name is. Panic sets in, swelling me with newfound fear. He must see it in my face because his voice softens as he says, “There’s no need to be alarmed. You’re perfectly safe. And this is normal.”

“Not knowing your name is normal?”

“Well,” he starts, his smile wavering, “not knowing your name isn’t normal but with the situation we find ourselves in, it is.”

“And what situation is that?”


Yes, what situation IS that, Clarence? I know. Do you? There’s a very simple way to find out. 🙂

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