#FirstLineFriday CAW (Chapter 3)


I’m taking a cue from Joleene Naylor on this one.

#FirstLineFriday is the end-of-a-week posting of the first line (or two) of a published story, potential story, or a work in progress. It’s a great way to get feedback on your work… or to stalk other writers and see what they’re doing. Whichever 🙂 Leave a link to your blog in the comments or on Rami Ungar’s, who started this super nifty concept.

This comes from the third chapter of Crusade Across Worlds, the fourth book in the Arizal Wars Series, releasing this June.

This is your final test, Fallon. Once you pass, you will be allowed to return and assist the Arizals in preparation of Reuzkimpart’s invasion.

 I tug the blindfold tighter.

If you don’t know who the Arizals are or what Reuzimpart’s invasion is, you should catch up. You can get the first book for FREE on Smashwords here.

What do you think? You like? You don’t like?

What’re your first couple lines?

3 thoughts on “#FirstLineFriday CAW (Chapter 3)

  1. Mason T. Matchak says:

    It feels a little bit like the speaker is telling her something for the readers’ benefit, something the other person already knows, but I only thought of that because I used to be really really bad about “As you know….” dialogue. >_< If the speaker is telling her something for the first time, then I'm completely off. Eh heh heh.


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