Hello Online Media. Now I’ve got an Instagram

It must be the twilight zone because I now have an Instagram.


The not-really-a-social media-person-person.

This blog was like, a big step. Two years (I think?) and I’m still wary about what I put up, how much content to share and if there really are people hiding in the bushes. Not because I think I’m like *totally* stalkable (even though I am, and have been) but it’s the personal information thing. The, “oh she posted that one picture of her window and using my dope techie skills, I now know where she lives” thing. It’s shit like that that really freaks me out, especially since I’m pretty sure the government watches me through the television. Batman thinks I’m paranoid. I’m not paranoid. I’m cautious. The less people know, the less they can use against you and all that. But when you’re trying not to fade into the shadows, it’s difficult to keep up with others since it’s sort of a necessity in today’s society.

I didn’t want to get a blog when I did. But everything I read said I should engage in some form of social media if I want to make it. I’ve got to have an online presence or I don’t exist. There went my sitting in the back of the class, hoping the teacher didn’t call on me. And now you’re saying I HAVE TO ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE? TO LIKE, BE SUCCESSFUL? Damn. Damn, damn, damn. It’s not been terrible, I admit. But still. Damn.

Anyway, Batman and I had Appa at the vet Saturday and I took (what I think) was the cutest picture of him (the dog—not Batman) and had to share it with someone, so I sent it to my sister and mom. Ahem:

Appa at the Vet

Look at that face. How is that face not to be shared? It is obviously *totes* sharable. Wanting everyone else to fall in love with him like I have, I broke down and joined Instagram. So far, Appa dominates the photos but I feel I’ve slipped another toe into the rest of modern society. I’m not a full blown social-median, but at least I’ve poked my head a little further out from behind this rock. I get points for that, right? The answer is yes, I get points for that.

And since everyone’s writing their yearly goals—and apparently I’ve succumbed to a sharing mood—I’ll join the convo:

Goal 1: Publish Crusade Across Worlds, Book 4 of Arizal Wars.

Goal 2: Market/learn to market/pay someone to market/rent a blimp with the book’s title and fly it around book conventions. Or do all four.

Goal 3: Enter more competitions/anthologies/ get my writing out there.

Goal 4:  Go to another writing/reading convention and make friends/connections. Either will do.

Goal 5:  Actually reach my Goodreads reading goal of 25 books (I’m feeling more optimistic about this one).

Goal 6: Learn to play Hallelujah on the keyboard I’ve been neglecting. (Dad, I’m finally making use of this gift. Only three years late!)

Goal 7: Keep up the positivity / continue to say no to stress and worry. They solve nothing.

I’m sure there are more goals I want to achieve but I’ll figure them out as I go. Plus, seven seems like an attainable number and as I’d like to reach each finish line, I’ll start with these. What about you guys? Anything you want to accomplish in 2016? Are you going to join modern society with social media a bit more like me? What do you visualize for yourself for the next twelve months?

7 thoughts on “Hello Online Media. Now I’ve got an Instagram

  1. Joleene Naylor says:

    I worry, but at the same time I don’t worry because they have – and have always had – this cool invention called a phone book. In the days before cell phones pretty much EVERYONE had a phone number, meaning their number – and their address – was in the phone book, so anyone who wanted it at any time of day could flip the white pages and find it. So… if someone figures out my address that just means they finally caught up with all the residents of Villisca, Stanton, and where ever else our local phone book is distributed to. What i do worry about posting is things that would inspire someone to stalk me – like hateful comments, rude remarks, nasty reviews, or sexy photos of me (okay, I don’t have ANY of those, but let’s pretend I did!) or hubby (Like he’d ever hold still!) or photos of my kids in their underwear (I have no kids, just cats, so maybe it would be okay to post cats in their underwear) – you know, the kind of things that make people obsess over you or your family. I know they claim being an author can attract stalkers, but again, if those stalkers just flip open a phone book, or pretend they want to mail me a check for a book cover or a card, or a box of severed fingers, (yeah, then I’ll tell them my address!) they got me anyway, so I might as well post the photos of the house’s bad paint job. (It seriously needs painted!).

    I haven;t found Instagram to be really social though i do enjoy posting pics on it now and then. But then maybe I am just not trying to make it social. Like wattpad. I haven’t done much with meeting people on it. I figure I meet people on FB. How much more meeting people do I need to do? :p This is why I am not a best seller.

    And great goals! 😀

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