This is What I’m Reading

I’ve decided to try something.

It’s called: This is What I’m Reading.

Any guesses to what it might be about?

So… I’ve wanted to do reviews for a while and… just… never got around to it. But I think about writing them. I think about going home, sitting down and typing them out. Never happens. So. What I think I’m going to do instead is have a weekly (biweekly?) post called This is What I’m Reading. It’ll give you a heads up for some new titles out there and you can hear my honest opionion and judge accordingly to see if this is something you might like for yourself. It’s sort of an ongoing answer to the question my dad always asked before Harry Potter hit the scenes in the 90’s (and maybe even after): What are you reading?

This week and last week and I think the last three months, I have been gorging myself on Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. You’ve probably seen me mention it here a few times. If you haven’t, you’re most likely new to my blog. Hello. And welcome. 🙂 I’m up to book 7, Clash of Legends—the last one in the series SO FAR and I’ve got to admit they’re a bit addicting. So if you’ve got something more time-consuming like children or heroin, go, do that. But if you don’t (or you’re looking to skip out on the children and heroin) I would suggest giving these books a try. It’s one adventure after another with sexy vampires and not so sexy vampires and wars and betrayals and histories and executions and oh man. NO ONE sparkles, but there is some sexiness. A lot of sexiness, actually, which I don’t mind 😉 Characters are great. Story is great. I’d recommend it for anyone who:

  1. Enjoys Vampires (of the non-sparkly nature).
  2. Thrives on sarcasm and smartass comments.
  3. Doesn’t mind cursing, violence or sex.
  4. Doesn’t want to fall asleep.

So there you go. That’s what I’m reading. I’m at the tail end of numero 7 which means I’ll have one more to add to my completed books of 2015 even though Goodreads will still bookshame me for not finishing my goal of 30. *sigh*

**I may write reviews for these. Probably not (please refer to first paragraph) but I’d still like to throw out a few of the awesome and not so awesome books I’ve sort of read recently:

Go. Read now:

Evanescent by Gabriella Lepore

Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Eleanor and Park & Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


Dude, you have children. And Heroin.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Freefall by Tess Oliver

P.S. I thought about titling this blog “Children and Heroin” but thought people might be disappointed at how little children and heroin are actually mentioned. And I’m honest like that. You’re welcome.