Esplain me, Lucy, IWSG

Six days in and it’s time for IWSG, when the cool kids come together to talk about writing, to discuss all the worries and fears and doubts that accompany this nail-biting, sweaty-finger-pulling, rejection-filled life. And how do we combat this bullshit? With encouragement! And support! And inspiration for one another! Because being a writer is tough. Really tough. You have to believe in yourself and that’s what we’re here to do. So if you write (just starting out or are super accomplished) check out this blog hop and find your family. We got your back.

My (main) insecurity?


I’m crap at marketing. Crap. Actually, I’m negative crap because I haven’t done anything with marketing. Nada. Zilch. I think I might’ve announced that I was releasing books on my blog at some point and possibly told a few friends and co-workers…. And that was about it. Yeah, no sales-employee-of-the-month over here. More of a passing-comment-employee award, I guess.  Or maybe a thumbs up? No, I deserve NO applause for any effort because there was none, which leads me to my present dilemma: how do I promote the release of a fourth book when no one really knows about the first three?

Shameful, I know.

But I’m open for some suggestions, people. Judgmental head shakes are accepted (though not appreciated) but if you could also throw out a cool idea to get the buzz going three books in, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, this one’s floating out to sea like the others, doomed to get swept under by the tide of people who actually understand what the fuck they’re doing. Showoffs.

*********  Total side note

Meet Appa:

Trent and Appa

We did. Yesterday, in GA. We don’t get the little booger for another two months and I’m COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. I think Batman and I have waited for this little addition to the Coppola-Hughes family for quite a few years. And look at him, glorious in all his cuteness.

DYING from cuteness overload.

DYING from cuteness overload.

I predict he will be my new favorite family member.

Sorry, Batman.