Calling For Submissions

I meant to write this post last week but then my computer decided to rage an all out war against me and my job search and everything fun I do on it (except for writing. It still lets me do that. It’d be in the trash if it didn’t.) But I’m disappointed to say we haven’t come to any kind of peace treaty because it still takes about ten minutes to load a web page, so yeah, the battle rages on.


Some exciting news for all you (want to be, should be, could be, WILL be) writers:

Contests and Anthology submissions! Hurray!

First, the lovely Joleene Naylor, author of the divine Amaranthine Series, has announced the Ink Slingers Halloween Anthology which is calling for submissions now! Story must be between 1,000 and 10,000 words and have a spooky or Halloween theme to it. Submission deadline is August 31st and… ah, you’ll find the rest of the juicy info here. 🙂 I’m submitting so you should too. Come on, peer pressure at it’s finest, people.

Second, I was contacted by an upcoming online writer platform (kind of like wattpad). It’s called Inkitt, and they’re currently looking for submissions for their “Beyond Time” Science Fiction contest. Deadline for this one is July 27 (short notice – I know. But you can do it!) If interested, you can find my submission, The Simulator, here:

Human Subject Matty and Alien Researcher Pini struggle through internal logs over Matty’s first time in the Simulator, a virtual “trip home” used to reward and encourage Subjects for good behavior and continued submissiveness.

Alright, I’m off to work on my spooky story.

And not kill this computer.

…We’ll see how the day goes.