If Indy Can Do It

I love TUT.

Here’s why:


Every morning before I swing my legs out of bed, before Batman beats me to the bathroom (and probably because of it) I read my TUT. And it is strangely amazing how accurate it reflects thoughts in my life, especially recent ones.

I’m going to NY two weeks from today (TWO WEEKS PEOPLE) to a conference where I can hopefully learn how to market myself and – here’s the fun part – pitch the book that I only really started writing in April, to real, live agents who could *possibly* take me on as a new client. Probable? Eh, not really. But possible?

…Anything is possible.

I’m down to crumbs in my account, I don’t have a new job yet and sometimes I feel like everything is riding on how well I, someone who’s known to blank in sorta important situations, can deliver a good pitch. I’m standing on the cliff, and I know – I KNOW – there are sharp as shit, slice-ya-up rocks at the bottom, but I’m tired of looking at them. So they’re down there. So what? Sometimes you’ve got to take a leap of faith. I mean, hell, Mr. Jones had to do it on his journey to the fountain of youth. Member? You member, the whole ‘leap of faith.’


God, I love Indian Jones.

*wipes drool and clears throat*


But for realzies, I’m off my rocker. I get it. I’m not doing anything that makes sense. Like… pitching a book that I only STARTED in April? (in my defense, I’ve had about 3/12 months to work on it WITHOUT the obligation of a full time job. You should still probably be scoffing now). But aren’t all great achievements the ones that made no sense at all? Or little sense? Or little logic? I’m not saying I’ll get picked up at this conference, but I’m taking a chance. A leap of faith for the possibility of something better. And I owe it to myself.

So there’s this really cool quote that I try to live by:

“Death whispers in my ear and says… live, for I am coming.”

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m already dead (creepy, right? Just go with it). What would I tell my living self? Knowing the end game is the same: you’re given a certain amount of time, and that’s it. Would I still live with caution? Or would I actually… live?

What about you?

How would you have lived your life if you were already dead? The same?

Or would you do it all differently?

Calling For Submissions

I meant to write this post last week but then my computer decided to rage an all out war against me and my job search and everything fun I do on it (except for writing. It still lets me do that. It’d be in the trash if it didn’t.) But I’m disappointed to say we haven’t come to any kind of peace treaty because it still takes about ten minutes to load a web page, so yeah, the battle rages on.


Some exciting news for all you (want to be, should be, could be, WILL be) writers:

Contests and Anthology submissions! Hurray!

First, the lovely Joleene Naylor, author of the divine Amaranthine Series, has announced the Ink Slingers Halloween Anthology which is calling for submissions now! Story must be between 1,000 and 10,000 words and have a spooky or Halloween theme to it. Submission deadline is August 31st and… ah, you’ll find the rest of the juicy info here. 🙂 I’m submitting so you should too. Come on, peer pressure at it’s finest, people.

Second, I was contacted by an upcoming online writer platform (kind of like wattpad). It’s called Inkitt, and they’re currently looking for submissions for their “Beyond Time” Science Fiction contest. Deadline for this one is July 27 (short notice – I know. But you can do it!) If interested, you can find my submission, The Simulator, here:

Human Subject Matty and Alien Researcher Pini struggle through internal logs over Matty’s first time in the Simulator, a virtual “trip home” used to reward and encourage Subjects for good behavior and continued submissiveness.

Alright, I’m off to work on my spooky story.

And not kill this computer.

…We’ll see how the day goes.

IWSG – Time to Celebrate

To be honest, the 1st sort of crept on me. And with it, this post for IWSG.

So, I have been in a whirlwind of Seattle (visit there. You will love it), babysitting, double-cleaning and updating chapters of my newest project, Rozmarie & Josiah, on wattpad, even though wattpad refuses to acknowledge the updates. I’ve placed a link to them here but who knows if it’s going to work.

*crosses fingers anxiously*

Happy IWSG to all you IWSGers out there. Insecure Writer’s Support Group is open to all authors, novice to pro, to share their doubts and fears with the rest of us, so we can all grow and support one another in this amazing endeavor. Basically, it’s to realize our freakish tendencies aren’t so freakish. So if you want to join (and you know you do) you can become part of this awesome blog hop started by Alex Cavanaugh here.

This month I’m feeling… excited. Due to financial situations, the correct emotion should be scared shitless. And like, 3% of me is. But I don’t want to waste my life worrying. I’ve done enough of that and it solves nothing. So I’ve decided to really enjoy this life and all its opportunities. I’m excited about each day and even things I’m not guaranteed. But the possibility of them exists and that’s enough. So, we’re going with excited. Yeah. Yeah, I like that.

What about you? How are you feeling this July 1st – the official beginning to the second half of the year? Terrified that Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus is only six months away? Or excited for all the amazing things that are going to happen between now and then?

Yup. Thought so.

***side note – Hell yeah to the same sex marriage ruling. About time. The mission here is love. It’s always been about love.