Seattle and Everything Else

Going to Seattle tomorrow.

Don’t be jelly.

Batman and I have been prepping for this trip since my dear college roommate invited us out for a visit (five years ago?) AND WE’RE FINALLY GOING. Watch out Tom Hanks, there’s a new duo set to be sleepless in Seattle based on the amazing itinerary described to me last night. Gourmet hot dogs, the famous Pike district, the Science Fiction museum and like *tons* of other awesome stuff I didn’t even know existed. AND it’s set to be sunny–which means I’ll actually be able to see things.

Someone bought himself new walking shoes for the occasion. I confirmed the same sneakers I’ve had for six years are still in my closet. So, off to a great start already. I even wrote down the directions for the train (after the three-hour car drive and six-hour plane ride). Pay special attention to bullet point 1:

Legit stuff.

And Batman says I get lost. How could I get lost with instructions like these? I’m ready. He’s ready. We’re pumped AND planning on taking tons of pictures so you might even see one or two of us in the Pacific Northwest when I write my return post, “She Forced Us To Leave.” Because I’m pretty sure Seattle is this magical place with unicorns and vampires and snauzberry milkshakes, so I may just stay forever. You’ve been warned, Catie.


In other news, a hawk flew into my car. Yeah. And last Monday, I broke a window after locking myself out. You know, because I’m a fire-breathing motherfucker and what better way to get back into your house than by performing your own B&E? Except it was a failed Breaking & Entering because, as Batman continues to remind me, not only did I shatter the window (seriously, glass everywhere) but I also managed to wedge it in the frame, making it completely impossible to climb through. So maybe… *contemplates identity*… not a ninja??

my bad!

broken window                                     broken window 1

Batman covered the opening with cardboard and plywood in the interim. It seems the caped crusader is handy when his girlfriend goes off her rocker and thinks the best course of action is something she’s seen in movies. Not using the neighbor’s phone first to call for help. (Which I ended up doing – and was super awkward.)

We also dog-sat. Isn’t she cute?

Love me, I'm injured!

Keep me and I will love you FOREVER.

She irritated her paw and needed to be kept separate from her super rowdy sister, so she stayed with us for the week. I must say she was an excellent writing companion. She offered much needed support and encouragement every time I read her some of my stuff:

Regis footRegis 4 regis sleepyRegis snout

I was also invited blueberry picking (yes, it was a super busy week) and as a thank you to Batman for the window thing and not murdering me over it, I decided to make him some him some well-deserved blueberry pancakes.

blueberry fail

It did not go well. I might mention that I was missing the baking soda but come on – one ingredient? Would it make that much difference?

blueberry fail 2                         blueberry fail 4  blueberry plate

Yes. Yes it did. Look at it.



Poor Batman. Poor me. It’s been a roller coaster recently, so a vacation to Seattle is essential at this point. Stuff has been weird. And breaking. And barking. So when better to fly across the map for some much needed time with friends? Exactly.

Writing news:

FYI, I’ve posted the first few chapters of my newest project on Wattpad which you can find here.  Super short synopsis: Told from the perspectives of a runaway princess and a rogue assassin, the duo escape their toxic realm in search of a new life in the White Wastelands beyond.

Even if you don’t write a review or provide feedback, I still appreciate the view. 😉

Now carry on, good people of the world. Carry on with this weird-as-hell life.

And keep doing your best, just like me.

8 thoughts on “Seattle and Everything Else

  1. Mason T. Matchak says:

    Hah! Not only do I live a bit south of Seattle, I have to go there tomorrow. Bizarre coincidence, eh? ^_^

    And that’s kind of hilarious that you had to break into your own place. I had to do that once as a teenager because I forgot my keys… fortunately, the window was open, so I just had to pop the screen out and hope my mom never found out. She didn’t. …as far as I know.

    Enjoy your time in Washington, it’s pretty much always awesome here.

  2. Loni Townsend says:

    Woot! Enjoy your trip! I’ll give your story a read. 🙂

    And I still consider you a ninja. Even ninjas have their down days. 🙂

  3. Joleene Naylor says:

    Now I need to make time to visit wattpad. Ha! Evil woman :p

    The pancakes look tasty though 😉 I once left eggs out of pumpkin pie and ended up with a lovely pumpkin custard that was really bizarre.

    Have a safe trip! The directions look foolproof to me!

    • cgcoppola says:

      Well I plan to post chapters every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, but let’s see if I stick to that.

      Yeah, the uh pancakes were somewhat edible, so I’ll give myself a point for that. I like how you went from making pumpkin pie to pumpkin custard. I think the pancakes morphed into these really sad massacred-blueberry crepes. But Batman kept putting them on his plate so *shrugs*

      And the trip to Seattle was awesome!!! 🙂

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