I Believe in You

First Wednesday in February already? Yup.

Time for IWSG 🙂

A special thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for starting this amazing support system for writers by writers. Being a writer can be tough. More than tough. It can be a downright struggle but things are always better when you have a family. So if you’re looking for inspiration, help, or just want to know what the rest of us are doing, check us out here. Go ahead, sign up! We’re waiting for you.

So, I’ve made a rather aggressive goal (for me) of reading 30 books this year. 30 would put me at a little over 2 books a month. 2 point something. I didn’t do the math (nor have I ever) but Goodreads is telling me I’m ahead of schedule because I’ve already gobbled up 5. Which even surprised me. But I want to do something else. I want to try something else: new authors. Traditionally published and Indie alike. Because there might be a new favorite author out there… and it could be you!

So this month is a “shameless promotion” post. I want you to give me (and maybe a few others) the next great read. I’ve already had a few suggestions rattling around in my head and added to my Goodreads shelf but I need more. And I believe that something you wrote could be next! I believe in you, Indie authors. I believe because I know you can do it. I’ve read some amazing things from creative people who turned something from their imagination into page-turners. Like PNR? You should check out Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine Series. Interested in new worlds and hysterical characters? Try Loni Townsend. Or unique Sci-fi more your thing? Look into Delia Strange. All Indie. All awesome.

So give me my next book. Maybe I’ll increase my goal to 40. Or 50 books. Who knows – things just might get crazy.

Alright, Indies – what’ve you got for me?

7 thoughts on “I Believe in You

  1. Gwen Gardner says:

    Hey, I’m supposed to be stopping by to make you feel better, not the other way around! Glad you’re doing so well. Read on!

    Gwen Gardner, IWSG Co-host
    (And author of Givin’ Up The Ghost *wink* should you be looking for something else to read)

  2. V del Casal says:

    I don’t have a book to promote (can’t write beyond the opening scenes!), but I DO have book suggestions, if you’re into science fiction: Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series, especially anything with Granny Weatherwax (like Wyrd Sisters or Witches Abroad). 🙂

  3. dolorah says:

    I don’t have a book of my own, but I would suggest Immortality Games by Ted Cross. It was wonderful and I wrote a review for it. So sweet of you to take book recommendations.

  4. cheriereich says:

    It’s wonderful to set book reading goals. I usually read over 50 books a year, but I’ve scaled back my goal because I want to read some LONG books (500+ page ones). If you’re looking for some good reads, then I would suggest Christine Rains’ The 13th Floor series (great and different PNR) or M. Pax’s The Rifters series (unusual fantasy/steampunk/sci-fi series). And if you do enjoy YA epic fantasy, you could always try my novel Reborn (a young prophetess dares to challenge Fate). I’d also recommend reading anything by Rachel Morgan and Susan Kaye Quinn. They’re awesome writers.

  5. Ninja Girl says:

    Hi there! I enjoy sweet reads as well, but I can understand needing a change of pace. Not sure what you’ve read already, but a new author I recently discovered (and devoured her books ;)) is Stacia Kane–and specifically her Downside series. It’s Urban Fantasy, and I loved the grit and characters. Hope you’re having a great week!
    Ninja Girl

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