Here’s To A Better October!

After my last post for IWSG, I felt rejuvenated and inspired and ready to tackle all the writing woes destined to come my way.

And then September happened.

Nothing writing-specific, but a lot of crap went down. September was tough. And apparently, it was tough for a lot of people. And I’m not sure why. I’m not sure why last month was so crazy or why it tested me (and a lot of people), but I think that’s what it was. A test. Something put in life to make us stronger. That’s what struggles are, right? Strength endorsers?

I’m still working on the first draft of my fourth book (almost finished!) but thanks to one of my writing mentors, Joleene Naylor, I’m working on the next part—the scary part—advertising. So I’ve been researching competitions, studying marketing strategies and oh yeah, writing, because an addict can’t give up her fix. For anyone who’s interested, I’ll be posting short stories under “Goodies” for competitions I’m entering. I’m not sure if this is what I need to be doing, but I figure it can’t hurt.

What about you guys? Are you still in the writing stage? Or have you moved onto the next part—the one that completely baffles (and somewhat terrifies) me.

If you’re a writer, be sure to check out Insecure Writers Support Group, or IWSG here. It’s exactly what it says—a support group for writers. I’ve only been a member for a few months but I really find it beneficial and inspirational and I look forward to the first of every month. A big thank you to Alex Cavanaugh for creating such an amazing resource.

Here’s to a better October!

7 thoughts on “Here’s To A Better October!

  1. mlouisebarbourfundyblue says:

    Wow! A Ninjallama Empress! That’s quite an ID! I love it, CG! This is an informative post. I’m a newbie writer. I just came out and called myself one a few moths ago, and I’m floundering my way through my first draft of my first book. Writers like you are so encouraging as you share your writing journey. Thank you!

    • cgcoppola says:

      No, thank you! Glad I can encourage 🙂 And even if you’re floundering, keep going. You’ll figure it out. And you’ll feel amazing when you do.

  2. dolorah says:

    I failed the Test of September. Miserable month; I’d like a do over. I don’t even want to venture into publishing my own works. Congrats on going into the fourth book with such positive energy.

    • cgcoppola says:

      I don’t know why September was so challenging… and for so many people. Maybe someday you’ll venture into publishing your stuff? Someday definitely seems like a good possibility 🙂

  3. Loni Townsend says:

    I am at all stages, which is mind-boggling for me. I’m writing one, preparing to release another, and collaborating on yet another. It’s all very overwhelming. I plan on talking about it tomorrow.

    I’m sorry to hear September was a bust, but I hope October turns into awesomesauce for you!

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