Pay it Forward, IWSG

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Yes, I’m at work.

But I’m not really working because I’m not at home writing, so this doesn’t really count. I only mention this because sometimes you have to find creative times to write… like when your boss says she’s going to be in a half an hour late and since you have a great view by the window¬†and your only cubie neighbor is on vacation this week, you might be able to sneak in your blog post for IWSG (of course this constant head turning to see if anyone is standing over my shoulder will most likely send me to the chiropractor. Oh well, small price to pay for being creatively awesome.)

This is my second post for IWSG and I want to take it to share some wisdom I’ve learned: pay it forward.

I don’t consider myself selfish; I just kind of do my own thing. It comes with this drifting in and out of reality (I’m too busy concentrating on where I put my own feet) that I forget you guys are all out there too, looking to promote yourselves and your books. So, apart from this awesome article about self-publishing that¬†fellow indie author Delia Strange posted on her blog, I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to promote your stuff in the comments. Give me a good book to read, a book for others to read so we can share it via word-of mouth, facebook, twitter, mountaintop shouting, whatever. For real, go crazy. List your stuff. I’m interested. Others are interested.

What’ve you got?


“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” ~ Ray Bradbury