H20 Baby

I haven’t written anything here in about a week and it’s not because I don’t love you. I do. All of you. (Especially you!)

But I’m writing a first draft and that, dear friends, always takes precedence. Sorry. It’s like being desperately thirsty and being given an enormous jug of the world’s most delicious thirst-quenching water and over there, a few feet away, is a can of Dr. Pepper. And who doesn’t LOVE Dr. Pepper? I  know I do. I would happily drink it whenever, but right now I’m DYING of this hydration and the only thing that can quench it is H20 baby. It needs me and I need it – the two of us in this monogomous, exclusive relationship. Except for now, because I’m sneaking off to see you!

You’re blushing, right? Good.

First drafts are always exciting. Anything can happen! Well, for me they can. I’m sure all writers do it differently, and I know my routine has evolved slightly, but while some have outlines that go as far as breaking down each chapter point, I have the overall arc of events in my head. That’s it. In fact, sometimes I don’t even meet all my characters until the first draft is done. I know… crazy. But, for me it works. So the first draft is like going on a really awesome first date that might have a few setbacks, a few awkward moments, but still ends with a totally baddass kiss. PLUS I know things are going to work out. I know this because they have in the past and also, I have that one thing everyone needs to succeed. Faith.

So, if you’re keeping count or have really followed anything to do with my series, the Arizal Wars, you’re probably thinking, “whoa, whoa. Wait. First draft? I thought Plague came out in March? Are you only NOW starting the third book?” Haha, no. The third, Discovery at Nerwolix, is off to the editor which means–oh yeah–I’m working on the fourth. *takes a bow* And let me tell you, I’m excited for both. I’m REALLY excited for Discovery but this next one (still to be named) already has some scenes I can’t wait for my readers to digest. CANNOT WAIT.

So, as a recap, I have *not* been ignoring this blog (or you, my sultry mistress), but busy downing my jug of water. Also, as I promised myself, I’m trying to read more and I just finished the second book of the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. It’s the best-selling YA PA (young adult, post apocalyptic) series about a deck of Tarot cards coming to life in the form of kids (teenagers/yound adults) who have to kill each other and win the game after a cataclysmic event rocked the Earth. Sort of Hunger Games-ish but with a bit more romance and magic, as these kids have different powers. The first one was a little slow for me in the begining (not the first chapter- that was awesome!) but the middle-end definitely picked up. The second one went way faster, was filled with more action and in my most humble opinion, was WAY better. Unfortunately, as I told Mrs. Whatever, the ending wasn’t just “left open.” There wasn’t even a door on it. And now I have to wait until January 2015. Only downfall of a reading a good series that isn’t complete.

*Of course*

But, I guess in the meantime I can work on my own story. Develop my own suspense from book to book so that other readers can hate me for only being human (write faster, Kresely Cole – I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!)

Yeah, sometimes it’s good to be the writer.

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