Time for Celebrating

There are several reasons to celebrate.

1.) I’m home from work. Best time of day.

2.) I’ve uploaded a new version of Escape from Harrizel that includes bonus scenes. That’s right—bonus scenes! From Reid’s POV (I’ve also included them on the website so for those of you who have already purchased the book, you can find them there too.) The new version also has some grammar corrections and, thanks to Batman, the proper colloquial use of “AK47,” as I was making up incorrect slang. But all has been corrected/updated/added, along with a link to my website.

3.) My website, bitches. (www.cgcoppola.com) I’ve clicked the “publish” button so now it’s out there in cyber space bumping into your wordpress blogs and Wikipedia articles about opossums and gossamer. You know, right where it should be.

Now, normally I celebrate with cake or booze, but I can’t give that to you—not in this day and age. So to help pass along the excitement, I’m offering my books free of charge on Smashwords until next Friday, May 23rd. (When checking out, use coupon KU74H for Escape and EX62M for Plague.) That’s right—pay nothing-down, nothing-ever. FREE. Busy reading something else at the moment? “Buy” now and read later because I want you to be part of this adventure with me.

Here’s what you can expect in both books:

Weapons, romance, oppression, war, abduction, blood, sex, labyrinths, secrets, clans, fleeing, fighting, hidden passages and more.

If any of these sound interesting to you, give it a try. I dare you. You may like it. You may love it. You may spit on it and curse my unborn children (a little rude but… whatever.)

And for those of you who are somewhat skeptical because I’m basically unknown, I’ve put up the first chapter of Escape from Harrizel under Goodies. Either way it’s time for celebrating, folks.

This round is on me.


Saw this when I got out of my car this morning. I took it because I liked the Spiderman adhesive. Then I noticed the legs at the bottom. Yeah, good luck explaining that to Gwen.

"What the f did I do last night...?"

“What the f did I do last night…?”