Plague of Mybyncia

I’ve written several posts this past week and none of them are really share-worthy. Not yet. Maybe in a few days when I edit and review, you can hear all about the bitch TV and how my refrigerator sounds like a pregnant stegosaurus. But for now, I’m glad to share some happy news:

I’ll be uploading my second book, Plague of Mybyncia on Smashwords this coming week so if you’re one of the awesome few who read Escape from Harrizel, be sure to purchase book 2 and find out what happens next! Will Reid and Fallon stay together? Will they find Vix, Able and everyone else missing? And will they meet up with Blovid, the Arizal leader that ordered the cease-fire of the Ellae Massacre? Read and find out!


More happy news:

So after fiddling around for a while and, with the help of some much needed wine, I actually figured out how to add a link to my book! It’s about time, right? Yeah, I know. You can find it on the right panel under the My Books! header. Look there for the link to Plague of Mybyncia soon!


*another exciting note: this week (March 2- March 8) is Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords and every book enrolled is subjected to significant discounts! So, for this week only, Escape from Harrizel and Plague of Mybyncia will be on sale for 75% off.

Horray for inexpensive reading!

(And just because I want to…)

Excerpt from my TV post:

I don’t like when commercials don’t advertise their products.

Like Direct TV. I have to sit through 30 seconds of some weird, unrealistic scenario like a gorilla escaping or the power grid going out and then at the end they say their product name again. Direct TV. Like that’s going to save me from this freakish alternate universe. Why bully me into something when it’s not even a feasible threat? A giant gorilla? My dad getting beat up over a can of soup? Yeah right. Take a seat, Direct TV.

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