I Took Them for a Reason

I take tons of pictures—either I’m playing around with my phone or I happen to have it out and see something amazing, something I simply *must* capture. Most are taken with the intention of putting them up here and… yeah… guess I failed that one. I think about three pictures have made it onto this blog and lame, I know. What can I say? I get distracted easily. Oh yeah, I’m also super lazy. But Sir Carlton made it up. And the major award was posted last time…so… some points are rewarded right? No? Okay, well… going forward, it’s on. Like Donkey Kong, bitch. Pictures are going up! I could just resolve to do this in the future, but, as I took a butt load of them to share with you-my invisible audience-I still want you to see. I’m doing a camera spring cleaning and besides, I took them for a reason.

They’re awesome.

This I think is just fucking gorgeous. Yes, Batman gave me these flowers when they were very much alive. I snapped a couple photos of them too but after they’d passed through Hospice and still sat on the dining room table, I went crazy with the camera. I’m not sure why, but they seemed pretty in their gravely appearance. It’s very Jack and Sally of me, but I think that’s a compliment. So thank you. Batman couldn’t understand why I was getting so excited by my four week old flowers (could’ve been longer…) but how could I not? Look at them. They’re beautiful. They’re like…those bitchy flowers from Alice in Wonderland, except not terrible at all. I’m sure they’re actually very nice and speak in fine British accents when we’re not around, passing each other fancy mustard and whatever. They certainly wouldn’t push me and shoot water or whatever they did to Alice. Batman would never get me flowers like that. It’s just rude.

These I took at my mother’s. It’s very inspired by all the art classes I took in high school and never really paid attention to because I was too busy starting at the cute boy in class. You know, priorities. But, I did pay attention in photography, because it was something I actually enjoyed. Well… I paid attention a majority of the time. And apparently, it was when we learned about lines and shapes. Because I really excelled at that in kindergarten. And colors. As you will see, I have a thing for colors. They just really rock. Ever read The Giver? I think the scariest thing about that book is that their entire world consists of black and white and shades of grey (but no Christen Grey!) God, what a drab world. So yeah, colors are amazing. And lines and shapes and I also like plants, as you can tell from these first three pictures. I can’t take all the credit because my mom has an amazing garden of crazy fauna and I went nuts snapping pictures one day in November. So voilla! Professional plant photographer here I come!

This spectacular picture is what I see every day on my drive home because I’m always stopped at the same stop light. This ever happen to anyone? I’m a street away from my apartments and I never catch it on the green. But, the good thing is that I take a look to my left and see… this. I guess you could say there’s nothing special there but that’s what makes you WRONG. Look at it, you butthead. With the sun setting and the trees and grass absorbing all those beautiful rays… it’s picturesque. Hence the picture. I use to hate being stopped a street from my apartment but now I look forward to it. Honest to God. Sometimes when I’m stuck at work and just waiting for that five o’clock to roll around, I think about what the evening will bring. Batman will be prepping something for dinner…I’ll watch about an hour of TV and then write until about 9:30 or later. But before all that, on my way home, I get to see this. You might think it’s silly or stupid or not worth remembering, but everyday I’m stopped and I get to gaze out to the serene scene, a calm settles over me. And I’m the world’s most impatient person. But I don’t mind waiting. Not at this stoplight anymore. Not when I get to look out and see this. It reminds me how much beauty really exists in the world. We just have to open our eyes and see it.

This… I love this. I took him on the wall of a bathroom in a funky restaurant in Downtown Disney. My friend Seattle was doing her business and as I had no business of my own, I waited by the sinks. And found him. My awkward frog. My queasy Kermit. That face. I LOVE that face. I think I just stood there, starring at him, desperately wishing I knew what was behind that expression. Bad fly? Painful wart? I just kept starring at him, most creepily, like I was deciphering the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile. Because that’s what he is to me—my amphibian Mona List. I still don’t know. What do you think is behind that expression? Go on, I DARE you to answer.

Ah yes, this I took on a bad day, when I was feeling most morose. It was after a pretty terrible week and on the car ride home from Chili’s (when I’d accidently knocked my entire plate of food on myself), Batman was trying to comfort me. But I was sad. Depressed. Nothing would make me feel better. And then I looked out the window and saw this miserable chap. “That’s how I feel,” I told Batman. Me and the palm just starred at each other, identifying with one another on the grey day we shared. And before Batman drove us away, I took a quick snap of him—my melancholy partner. Ever have days when you just feel like him? Yeah, you do. We all do. At least we can hide it. But he has to put it out there for the world to see. Sucks to be a dejected palm tree.

This was taken on New Year’s day. It was rainy, as you can see, but I love rainy days. I love everything about them. The grey-white sky, the scent of wet earth, the sound of water hitting the ground or, in some cases, a backyard lake. It’s relaxing and, for me, the best days to write. And I did. I got a good amount done on the first, finally working on the edits of my second book which I’d put off for a long while. But I kept getting distracted. With the wonderful grey day outside. I’d write a little, stop and turn around to see this. Yeah, I was getting artsy with the camera angle but I wanted to get all those droplets. It was wet and beautiful and the perfect day to start the New Year. It’s got to be a good sign—right?

So, there you go. Those were just a handful of ALL the pictures I’ve snapped on my phone. I shall continue on, because that is who I am, what I do, but I will try my hardest to post them up as I take them. But of course, my laziness may overrule me again. Who knows? It’s a New Year.

Let’s see what happens…