It’s Going to Be a Good Year

Happy new years to all and to all an AMAZING 2014!

Am I right?

I’m not sure about you, but my 2013 was tough. Parts of it at least. I published my first book last year (I get to say last year now-thank GOD) and I’m pretty sure that was the highlight. Don’t get me wrong—nothing terrible happened. Everyone’s alive and healthy, but it was just sort of crummy. And I think a lot of people—several I know—shared in the waft of tardliciousness that was 2013.

I went to a party at my friend’s house last night. It’s been a while since Batman and I craned ourselves off the couch and actually ventured into the world to bring in the New Year with other people. I’m proud of myself for staying up past the ball dropping and—wait for it—all the way until two. That’s right. TWO. Do I get any applause? I only ask because I’m usually asleep by—what’s the going joke? 7:00? 7:30? Haha… no. It’s 10, people. I’m usually asleep by 10, 10:30 if I’m feeling somewhat wild. So anything past that is ridiculously late for me and thoroughly surprising to everyone else. Even on New Years. But I had to bring in the new year with dancing and drinking and friends and not allowing the slow crummy creep of 2013 to meld into another year. Not happening. This year’s going to be different.

It’s going to be great.

Alright, time for resolutions. This year I will:

Lose weight. I know this is like, the number one resolution, but I really need to do it. I told Batman a while ago that I can actually feel my butt. Like, when I walk, when I stand. I think the term he referenced was “tank ass,” but kindly assured me I didn’t have one. Not that I mind having a booty—I just don’t want it orbiting my body.  So yes, this year will be about making less trips to the closet for cookies and more walks around the lake. I tried making it a daily habit back in October and Batman and I really worked hard at it for the first week… until…

Yeah. I’ll try harder.

Save money. This may be the second thing people strive for at the beginning of the New Year, or maybe to make more money. Either works for me really. This paycheck to paycheck has been awesome and all for the past… lifetime, but I’m going to try for some more wiggle room. Batman and I enjoy our cinematic adventures and with the prices of these movies rising faster than my income, we have to sit a few out.  It’s not a travesty in the slightest, but it’s kind of our thing. Seeing movies. We don’t really eat out, or even go out, but a film here and there makes us feel like actual adults out in the world. Yes, you read that right. Seeing a movie makes us feel like adults. See what I’m getting at with the money thing here? So yes, save more, make more, whichever. I just better be able to see Mockingjay this year. Or someone will hurt.

Publish my second book. I have it back from my editor’s and have finally started working on it. The goal is to have it out by late February… maybe mid March? I’m being realistic here, but also optimistic. If I sort of-kind of worked at it here and there, I’d quote you something more like mid-year, maybe beginning of fall. But I have to write every day. I HAVE to. Call it… my heroin. I went clean for a week recently with the holidays and after receiving the edits on my manuscript when I went to a dark place thinking how *terrible* a writer I am and how I should never do it again… but then I fell off the wagon and succumbed to the need. It happens. And I’m too weak-willed to ignore it. I only use a drug reference because I feel withdrawals if I go a day without writing. Honest to God. It’s like holding my breath for too long or something. So yes, be prepared for the second book for those of you who actually read the first. And thank you by the way—you rock!

Write more blogs. Yes, I know—I’ve been lame in not posting like… ever. I think I only had one post in December. Not that you’re sitting around, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the latest update on what Batman and I have been doing (which is most likely nothing) but I’ve been meaning to. Honestly. I’ve actually started a few and then just never finished them. I’m not sure if I’m distracted (probably) or if it’s not quite blog-worthy material. I mean, come on, for you guys? You deserve only the *best*.

In a recent hangout at B&N with Mrs. Whatever, I told her about a few of the blogs that just never made it to press. Like the one where I came out of the bathroom in my work’s lobby and found myself alone with an overweight golden retriever. No collar. No owner. Just me and a possible Cujo. Until he turned around and panted out the goofiest grin I’d ever seen. Yes. I was face to face with a fat Doug (anyone see UP?) And on my way out, his old man rivers owner that magically appeared (aka hiding behind the wall) assured me in his shaky, rather serious voice, “Be careful. He smiles.” It had me laughing for DAYS and I even stated a blog about it. But it fizzled out and something distracted me and it just never happened. I will *try* my hardest not to let that happen again, so you will all be up to date on my exchanges with old men and their dogs. SQUIRREL!

Move into a new apartment. This needs to happen. Three years ago. Batman and I are busting at the seams here. Things are stacking up in the corners. The one closet we have is overflowing with… just about everything that doesn’t fit on the table or in the little bit of cabinet space we have. Now, I *love* this apartment—I do. It’s our first home together. But I want to not trip ALL the time and actually have space to put the new things that we collect from the world and bring back here. So, we will be relocating. Probably within the same complex (because I don’t want to move too far from our favorite breakfast joint and I really like the Christmas light display the apartments do here).

So there you have it. My 2014 resolutions.

Oh, and look at what Batman and I picked up from a swing into Walgreens last night:

Leg Lamp

It’s a major award!

Oh yeah, it’s going to be a good year.

Totes McGoats.

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