I Deserve a Badge

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Yes, I was asked about the cupcake and no, I wasn’t able to lie well enough to convince them it came like that in the package or that Batman ate it. Damn my inexistent poker face! I also went through the whole transitioning of age thing on Friday as I completed my 28th year of life. Whew! That was close. I was pretty sure Darwinism would’ve kicked my ass by now. But I made it through middle school gym (middle school in general) so the hard part’s been over for a while. I’ve also managed not to get run over, left behind or inducted into the hunger games, so, many accomplishments in this first phase of life. And I’m not even 30 yet. I deserve a badge or something. But right now I’m settling for my cup of coffee (one of few, I hope) and later, more birthday surprises are coming, or so Batman’s telling me.

Life is pretty good. I’m employed, so yay for keeping the lights on and the television playing for the upcoming season of Walking Dead. I’m working on my second book in my series and hope to hear back from my editor about the first one by the end of the month for final revisions. Lots of exciting things a-brewing in the old cauldron I might’ve been able to use in Hogwarts had the owl never lost its way to my childhood dwelling.  And like I said, more birthday surprises today. Who could not be happy? I also got a lot of love on my Facebook Wall and not that that measures success in life, but it was pretty nice to have so many birthday wishes. Especially with cousins I don’t get to regularly see or friends I haven’t been able to call in a while. That’s the great thing about birthdays. Being physically (or virtually) surrounded by people you love. What’s better than that?

There’s not a lot of other news to report, except several dishes need to be cleaned and I’m excited about mother’s Salmon tonight. Oh and whatever this surprise is Batman keeps hinting at.

Hmm… what could it be?