Would you ask?

Here’s the plan:

Batman and I are going to a game night with some friends. Normally, our hosts are most awesome in providing the necessary drinks and snacks so Batman and I decided to repay the favor, with some free cupcakes he brought home from work.  Since I had to try one—being as they were double chocolate—there now remains eleven out of a clearly purchased carton made for twelve.

I’m dying to see if they’re going to ask.

If they do:

  1. I’m feigning ignorance- “I don’t see the problem.”
  2. I’m telling them we purchased it on clearance- “I know. Saved us like, a buck-fifty.”
  3. I’m telling them Batman ate it- “I told him not to, but he wouldn’t listen.”

I can’t wait.

Isn't it normal to only give 11?

Isn’t it normal to only give 11?

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