Really, Mr.”S” Key?

Okay. So in one of my less impressive moments when a bout of severe writers block got the best of me and I, in all my wisdom, decided to pound on my computer and take my lack of creative juices out on my college graduation gift, by sheer dumb un-luck, my nail ended under the “S” key and ripped it from its place. Now, I might mention, this happened a couple years ago, so I’ve been working and writing without the full “S” key all this time. The little rubber mechanism is still attached so I’m able to type but recently—and this is as of yesterday—the rubber do-hickey gave its two week notice and has been jumping off the keyboard and onto my finger every time I type. Do you know how many S’s I’ve used? In this paragraph alone? And each time, I have to stop, shift the rubber thing back into place just so I can continue typing. DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS!!!!!!

Moral of the story: don’t take writer’s block out on your keyboard. Shoot a pillow or something.

Look at how it taunts me

Look at how it taunts me

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