Out of Wine and All is Lost

I’m desperately trying to figure out this blogging site. Mrs. Whatever and I spent three hours on Sunday learning out how to put together a blog while sipping chocolate wine. Yeah. It was a good afternoon. Of course, after we struggled to find headers and figure out what widgets do, we found the tutorial. To teach us everything we did. In the last three hours.


So, that was worth topping off my glass. And now, two days later, I’m still looking at this site. It’s not public yet because I have NO IDEA how to get it public. For those of you rolling your eyes— I am not computer savvy, okay? I use my computer for minesweeper and Microsoft word and fully believe Sara Connor will save us all. It’s only a matter of time.

So, what started as a simply quest to update my blog’s appearance, quickly turned into watching Jenny Lawson’s daughter teach her cat a new trick. I did figure out how to follow the Bloggess so I guess all is not lost. I just wish I knew how to turn this on public so you can read this. And I’m out of chocolate wine.

Is there no hope?